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A Project On Happiness? / She Is Happy

I can honestly say that the word "happiness" is one of my all time favorite words. You can't even say it without some of the words power dripping out on you in one way or another. So recently I began reading a book that I have wanted to read for at least 3 years now. The name of the book is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Just the title alone had me at first glance. I wondered what this woman was writing about and how would it affect me when I read it being as i have such a fascination with this topic. Well, I have just gotten around to getting the book and I am about 100 pages into it and I really love it. It is her own journey into taking control of her own happiness in her life overall. The lessons in it can be helpful to any living person and that is what I love about it. I have underlined and starred so much of the book already that it is truly amazing. I will be emailing her or reaching out in person to thank her as she is a New Yorker like myself. I h…

The Imbalanced Self

This posting comes from a conversation that I had with a fellow singer the other day. I have know this young woman for years and she is an exceptional spirit to say the very least. We have graced many stages together, many times over. When she sees me there is an extremely loving vibe that always comes across from her to me in an instant and I am so very thankful and grateful for this. Some people just bring what they have without a filter and this woman does just that.

   We were about to have a showcase for some potential clients and we were waiting for them to enter the room. So there we were speaking about life in general and then she said something that sparked a conversation that had me thinking the entire evening. She told me that she was so confident in her personality, yet she was always second guessing her talent. The woman has sung with so many great talents over the years and always sounds great when i am with her on the stage. Her smile is gorgeous and her spirit shin…