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I Love The Genius Bar

Now for those of you who are Mac users, I do not have to tell you how advanced the company is or how innovative their products are at all. It seems as though just as they come up with a good thing, it is followed by another. I am not a fan of the latest everything in any way. Put in a simpler fashion, we are all so blessed to have what we have right now that it is truly a powerful thing. So what makes us want that new thing, that new phone, that new app, that new case? We want it because somehow the media lures us into the mind space that it will enhance our life and further more make us noticeably cooler and definitely more accepted in the world. Do you believe that? Whether you do or you do not, it does not matter. It was a question that I will leave rhetorical. The fact of the matter is that they have carved out a niche that has changed technology forever and it is serving us in many ways. Thank you Mr. Jobs.

   So in the past three days I have visited the mac store 3 different …

Visual Candy

Every day when I walk around the city, I see things that cause an internal rush of energy. This happens every day no matter what is going on. I take pictures like I breathe, truly.I cannot stop the flow of being excited by what is taking place around me even if I wanted to. From time to time I will post the pictures here just to expose a bit of what I am seeing from my perspective and my internal artistic lens. I plan to create a massive book that will be great for the home of these images. What would life be without the ability to store the best of our memories?

   As I walk out of one of my favorite stores, these two magazines caught my attention. You can create a magazine about anything can't you? I love it!!!!

Enjoy the day..........Chase

Failed Plans Are Magic

In the past few weeks, many things around me have not gone as planned. From meetings with people who did not show to people who were very late, and on and on. In these spaces, I chose to watch my mind very closely. What was I feeling? What could I do? Where would I go next? Should I call them? Why did they not call me? The list could go on forever? Its normal for us to ask any of these questions, is it not? In the past I have actually been calm during these times, however, some of the times, my whole energy changed from the inside and it remained that way until I decided to go in a different direction.

    I was on the train yesterday and there was a woman who was so vocal about the train being slow that she disturbed an entire station of people. She was speaking to herself and spouting many colorful expletives that you could hear a mile away. Then when she entered the train, it sounded like it was 20 times louder based on the close proximity. People moved and made faces and some e…