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All Aboard The Grateful Train

Sometimes there are just so many things to be grateful for and it becomes a bit overwhelming. The days pile up with so much deliciousness, that its worth taking a step back and simmering in it. Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of performing at two different exclusive parties. One was in another state and one was here is in NYC. I was once again blown away by the lavish details and the clothing and the food and most of all, the atmosphere that I was doing what I love to do the most in. The backdrops were practically flawless.There I was in the middle of these wonderlands of opulence and pure bliss and I was once again humbled beyond words. These guests were dressed to the nines and the hosts from both parties were at the top of their fields. I will not say who these parties were given for because it really does not matter in the end. What does matter though, is that while I was there, they were both just divine.

    I can say that to this day, I am still amazed at the place…