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Let 2 Go Before You...Pay It Forward's Cousin

As I have returned to my home and looked back on so many waves of emotions that I have experienced in the past month or so, I am very content with the direction that I am going in. I wanted to let you all know about something that I have been doing for the past month or more in my every day life. We have all heard of paying it forward in one sense or another, well this is on that same level. During my Kundalini journey, I had the pleasure of being around many high vibrational people. They did and said things that gave me some great moments of clarity. This happened so much that it caused me to actually do some things differently during and after the classes were done. I took this and started something on my own. 
   If you remember back in my posts during the challenge, one day a yogi gave me a cup of tea before herself and I wrote about it. This was a very small gesture, yet it left a very large impression on me in so many ways. I began to think even more than normal about giving …