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A Valentine's Day Ponder

I cannot tell you how much I love it when love is the focus on any given day. If someone is being celebrated or there is a day that focuses on a colossal and life changing happening that is positive or anything in that category. It is just so much fun to concentrate on love. Now some might say that love is what has hurt them or their current lives, therefore they always choose not to concentrate on it. Well, to them I say, nothing could be further from the truth. But on  the other hand, this is my viewpoint and that is not the end all be all perspective now is it? I am here to merely wet your palette with some thoughts about the importance or non importance of this day.

  Today I woke up a bit unsettled, truth be told. I had a mixture of emotions that were primarily based on mental lies and fear. I am very comfortable with myself and being alone. However, there was a part of me that took a deep sea fishing tour into the concept of what it would have been like to be with another pe…