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The DD Dilemma / Kundalini Day 25

My class yesterday was unique because of one reason, the teacher. I had never seen this woman before in all of my classes thus far. She came in with a smile and an energy like she knew something that we did not know and was happy about it. She was about 7 minutes late as well and I could tell that a few people were not exactly thrilled about it. Anyhow, the other thing that was different about her was that she was the first teacher that i had ever seen that was not wearing the traditional all white flowing outfit. She was wearing this overall like thing that was very unique and outside of the box. So she got my attention right away because I like those who are a bit outside the lines. They let others know that they should expand their horizons a bit here and there.

   We started the class with the traditional mantra, and once again she did it differently. Her flow was faster and her tone was lower. So I had to adjust to this immediately and it was kind of fun actually. You see wha…

Adrenalidney / Kundalini Day 24

The class yesterday was challenging from a few different perspectives. we actually did some exercises that I had not done before and they were very soul stimulating to me. In this practice, we do movements that jar the body and wake up things all over your system. I am doing more work with  my upper body right now than I have ever done in my entire life or so it seems. I like it though, because the daily movement is creating strength from the inside and out. I have noticed in the past few days that my body is starting to look a little bit different when I have no clothes on. We all get to see our bodies and how they change form one time to another. I am a slender and muscular build and have been for some time. Now what I am noticing is some further definition specifically within my core. This makes me happy and I know that its because of the daily practice and small increments of growth. It very exciting.

  Many times during the class, the teacher has us squeeze our groin area or s…

The Gravity Of Humans / Kundalini Day 23

This was a juicy evening. I went to the night class again and I was so happy to be there and on top of that, the woman who is as strong as an ox at about 65 years young was directly in front of me. Now I am an avid observer of people who are navigating life through a different channel or are doing what people say is not possible. So this woman is like pure bliss for me to study. I love to watch her prepare for the class. I have seen it maybe 3 times. She always practices in the same place, which I do not do. I feel that changing my place makes it more challenging for me based on the collective energies of the class. Anyhow, she starts by doing about 100 leg lifts with her hands behind her head. Have you ever done those? Let me just put it this way, I will bet my last dollar that most women her age could not do 20 comfortably. Its not that they can't, its just that they are not interested in applying themselves to do what it takes to get there.

   The next thing that she does is…

The Strength To Take Care Of You / Kundalini Day 22

What I really love about this practice is that there are no throw away days. I leave that class every day feeling like my body and mind has grown a little bit and it is just exhilarating. Today our amazing teacher told us that the kriya that we would be doing was to concentrate on taking care of your self or supporting yourself in times of negativity or low energy and things like that. I knew that this was going to be good because she is always just right on her game. This woman was the first person that I saw when I entered the studio for the first time on day one at the front desk. Come to find out later that she was a teacher as well. We had a our work cut out for us and we knew it. She had us doing back stretching exercises in the form of push in and pushing out our vertebrae and continually doing it for quite a long time.

   I have found it so interesting how just doing these movements in class, it makes me go deeper into what I am running from in my own life or projecting int…

Can We Be Friendly? / Kundalini Day 21

Having a daily experience that brings you joy in a different way is such a blessing. The weekend classes are packed as I had written once before. This class was no different to say the least. I arrived about 15 minutes before class, which is my general consistent thing. I enjoy picking the place that I want to sit in the class and it changes every time. This allows me to not get complacent and to feel the energies in the room from different perspectives. This was my same way if operation when I was practicing BIkram yoga and it made me grow immensely. There were lots of smiles and conversation in the room and the teacher arrived at about 11;10 or so, which I did not understand. The weekend classes seem to not start on time, yet they are worth it every time in the end.

    The teacher asked us to say hello to at least 5 people in our vicinity and that was a great exercise. Although I do not have a problem engaging with others, I know that must have been uncomfortable for many peopl…