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Small Giant Steps / Kundalini Day 20

I am feeling very good about completing 20 days in a row and there have been so many messages that I have already received that makes it more than worth it to continue on this path. I almost got gridlocked today because of another commitment, however, I had to make a decision and I made it. I told myself later that there was no right or wrong, there was only a choice. It was not easy to get out of bed today because I was carrying a little bit of back fatigue from the evening before. My mind wanted me to stay in bed, yet I got up and did it anyway. If you have even dome something that you really did not want to do and felt the after effect, its one of the most rewarding feelings ever. I once heard Michael Jordan say that his best workouts were the ones that he did not want to do in the end. That has always stayed with me in every thing that I do.

   The class today was very crowded today. It was so crowded that I had other yogis within a foot of my body to the left, right, and behi…

Active Awareness / Kundalini Day 19

The snow is all over the ground, not too much, just enough. The day was cold again and it slows the city down a little bit which I think is just great. I attended "Anderson Cooper Live" this morning and once again it was so good. Those people are just the nicest, most present people that you would ever want to know. As far as Anderson goes, he is just a class act. He comes in and just acts like himself with no filler and that is what makes him a true professional. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

   This evening I had a yoga teacher that I had never seen before, go figure. I have also never gone to class in the evening before today. Now I have written many times about how different class in each time that I walk in that room. Well tonight it was different yet again. This teacher was quite a mellow and soft hearted person. She smiled quite a bit and she also had an interesting flow at the same time. We really did not do too many poses for a long time. This class was full of di…

Happiness / Kundalini Day 18

This daily lesson in what is hiding inside of me and how to release it is sure a very interesting one. My teacher today was just brilliant. She is a small woman in size, however, her knowledge and her delivery of the insights and techniques gets my full attention each and every time. She is a giant to me. We began the class with a great deal of breathing and then to a few exercises that involved the arms as well. I am day by day and minute by minute while I am in this room realizing that I am truly stronger than I thought I was.  It goes without saying for me that I had a difficult time in class today in a few areas. The good news is that I am not there for perfection, I am there to "practice".

    What I love about this session today was that it was all centered around lifting the happiness levels of our souls and inner self. We did two things that really challenged me and pushed me to my limit. I should actually say, I wasn't pushed to my limit, but my mind tried t…

Elevation / Kundalini Day17

It was about 12 degrees today, which makes coming to class even more pleasurable in some twisted way. I was there with a mere 5 others and we were all connected in such a special way. The teacher even said that it was the first time that she had seen everyone all in the front of the class. She loved it and she told us so. At the start of class we were informed that we were going to work on bringing the energy from our chakras up and through the body. I really loved the sound of that for sure. There is so much moving of the energy in this practice and that is what is keeping me so excited about it I think. If you are curious about chakras, please read about it online. It is really fascinating information.

  I am beginning to see some repeat exercises in the classes now which is refreshing in some ways. I am getting to concentrate more on the mechanics of some of them. But what is so consistent is that breath of fire. We are always breathing in and out and it really does move things …

It's All Within / Kundalini Day 16

Today was a simply gorgeous day in the studio in so many ways. Firstly, there were 3 different giant squares that were temporarily tattooed on the carpet by the sun when I entered the room. The sun was beaming in and there were two yogis on the carpet already. One was in the left square and one was on the right. So I took the place on the carpet in the middle. We were all surrounded by our own sun square. I noticed also that the class was very small today. It was 18 degrees outside and it felt like 6 degrees. Just the fact that I was there and did not even care about the cold gave me a sense of accomplishment.

   I loved how the sun felt on my face as I took some time to relax and to focus on easing my way into the energy of the class. We did a couple of exercises that dealt with raising the legs to begin with and they were a bit difficult for me to say the least. Each day is another way of testing my strength and resilience for sure.

   The teacher told us today that the main theme  …

Feeding The Inner You / Kundalini Day 15

Last evening I allowed myself to go somewhere in my brain that was toxic. I went back after being triggered by something I saw on Facebook. I know very well that things are what we make of them, not what we see. So after I swallowed this information like a spoonful of soup, it cost me at  least three hours of my sleep last night. Put  more clearly, I decided in my mind that someone that I respect highly, did not tell me about a gig that I always do and gave it to someone else. I also decided that they did so because a certain other person was on the gig. This is all in my head and none of it is confirmed at all. Now you might being saying to yourself, "WHAT?"!!!!! Let me explain. This practice has made me a bit sensitive in general to what is going on around me these days. That is a good thing because I am acting from a place of care and authenticity and that is great. The other side of that is, the voice on our heads is always on call at a moments notice to come and wre…

Giving To Others / Kundalini Day 14

I can honestly say that I have been concerned about giving to others for as long as I have been born based on what I saw as a child and all the way through to becoming an adult. However, since I have been doing kundalini daily, it has ramped up even further. We are constantly doing exercises that take any selfish behavior that you may have and demolish it. I found myself pouring chai for the next four people after class today, before I poured myself a cup. If you remember a few posts back or so, I wrote that someone had poured a cup for me before themselves and how that was a nice feeling to be on the receiving end of such a gesture. It just feels good to be thought of and/or taken care of by another human being. The trick to that little anecdote is that we cannot fall into an area where we expect it from everyone or even from those who may do it regularly. We are human beings that continue to change and grow in very different ways in some instances. The moment we expect too much, …