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Captain Karma / Ego Erraticism / Kundalini Day 13

The head owner and teacher taught today as he does on every Saturday. There is something about this man that makes me stand at attention inside. It may be his positive nature or his smile, or maybe even his passion to deliver the guidance that he does so well. He has been doing this for over 40 year as as I understand it. I guess if you do something for that long and don't love it or have some sort of passion for fit, you are probably not in the right field correct? I can only say that he makes me want to know everything that there is to know about this amazing practice. I respect him immensely.

       So class starts and we do our usual mantra and then we go into an exercise and this music comes on and once again I am very taken by surprise. The sound is in a country style and the name of the song is "Captain Karma". You guessed it, the words were all about karma and how you cannot escape it and how it is always in motion. The words were so great and the  fact tha…

Life Is Good, I Am Happy /Kundalini Day 12

The teacher today was amazing. She is from the Dominican Republic and her energy is off the charts. I have practiced with her twice before today. She asked the class why we looked so serious and to smile and have fun!!! Then she said that life is good and that she was happy and she ramped up the class with that one sentence. We did some very interesting things today that were moving for my central nervous system. One thing that we did was to stick out our tongue and continue to stretch it forward as we placed our hands in a specific position on our laps. I know that sounds so strange, but let me tell you it made my neck feel something from the back that was so incredible that it just floored me. Once again I was surprised at yet another exercise that was new.

   We worked on the digestion system as well as our ability to follow through with that which is not comfortable. Were in a triangle pose and it was challenging for me because I have the tightest hamstrings on this planet. No …

Yogi Hip Hop Fury/ Patty Cake/ Kundalini Day 11

I have to say that this was maybe the most interesting day that I have had so far on the Kundalini floor. First and foremost, we started the class with dancing again and we did it to yogi hip hop! Now let me paint the picture for you here. Picture 2 men and 4 women in a yoga studio at 2 in the afternoon. We are all of different races, ages, and yogi levels. Then the teacher comes into the room and say hello and we go into our beginning chant. So far all is good and in order. Then she tells us that we are going to dance. So the music comes on and its like Eminem meets Deepak Chopra! I did not laugh, it just caught me off guard and then I closed my eyes and danced for about 10 minutes or so. The feeling of dancing while your eyes are closed is becoming a common theme for me. Actually it has been a common theme for me for quite some time. I feel connected to that concept in more ways than one. The music changed tempos about 4 times as the songs changed as well. The music was something…

Boot Camp / Kundalini Day 10

Each day I bring you the feelings and the insights from my ongoing journey. So I have to be transparent and let you know that yesterdays class was more like a boot camp than the normal class. I say that jokingly of course, but it was a serious 90 minutes yesterday. I was loving the teacher again, as I did the last time, but wow, she put us through it. She explained that there was a purpose though, and that purpose was to hold on and to get through things when they are not smooth and going your way. We did a few exercises that tested our cores and we even did quite a few back bends as well. The best thing was that we danced again. I had mentioned dancing with your eyes closed before in another posting. Well, she came into the room and the her first question was, "Is everybody ready to dance?' I thought that was a great question to start a class with on any day. Shortly afterwards, we danced.

   Now when any of us has danced, we usually use our entire body as much as we can c…

Aura Cleansing / Kundalini Day 9

When you step into this studio, there is so much to learn about yourself that it's almost overwhelming to say the very least. As I walked into the class, a woman was giving a small class on the different components of our being and it was just amazing. She spoke if how we are combinations of negative and positive energy and how we are doing yoga to achieve balance within our lives. This was not the yoga teacher, it was another woman who usually takes care if things at the front desk. So my class began with a mini class filled with awesome info.

     I have developed a liking for one teacher in general at the center. She just smiles so brightly during her class and I get the feeling that she really does care about my progress in a very authentic way. She speaks to me very time that I see her and she always has some heart opening information. The kriya of the class was cleansing and strengthening the aura. There was an exercise that we did that had us taking our cupped hands an…

Abundance And Prosperity / Kundalini Day 8

This practice is getting way up inside of me!!! All the magic happened in the class yesterday for sure. I felt really connected inside .The class was full of some key exercises as well as a mini lesson on abundance and prosperity. I study both of these words quite a few times per week without a doubt. The great part about it though, is that I never get tired of hearing the concepts and what keeps them alive. The teacher said something today that resonated with me once again. He said its fine to ask the universe for that new BMW, however, what if the universe was just preparing to give you a fleet of Maserati cars. In other words, give the universe some room to give you other things as well. For instance, if you want a BMW and you also love the Mercedes, and you also love the Porsche. Then the universe can open up its possibilities for you so there is more of a chance of you getting what you want. I thought that was a great piece of advice.

   As I settle into this practice, it seem…

A Collective Consciousness / Kundalini Day 7

Each day that I walk through this amazing city, there is something to see and to feel. I arrived early to my class today. I am early every day, but today I could not get into the studio because there was no one there yet. But wait, let me back up a little bit. This morning was the first morning that I almost did not go to class. As many of you have experienced so many times before, there always comes that morning when your body tells you to retreat and be lazy. This day was today for me and it almost got me, but it did not in the end. I used my extra minutes in the neighborhood of the studio to take some great manual camera shots that came out so cool, I believe they did anyway. The camera is manual, so I have no idea until I see them live. It was just nice to wander and just notice the detail and the serene nature of the amazing architecture in the Flatiron District. Mind you, I walk this area all of the time, however, when you look up and just spin your head around, you always se…

Mental Manifestation Rides Again / Kundalini Day 6

I speak of how our thoughts and our words create our world all of the time. This is not my opinion, it is fact. All of the powerful and prolific writers, speakers, and visionaries that I study all agree on this principle. I have so many stories of this in my life that if I do not write a book on it, I will be doing myself and others a disservice for sure. Each and every time that I am in the midst of a situation that shows me how powerful and real manifestation is, I am beside myself as if it were the first time all over again. Sometimes it happens so quickly that the mind does not want to believe it, but you cannot deny it.There are no coincidences in this life.

   So I was on my way to the city today and I was on the phone with my father. I was describing a really high vibrational woman that I am interviewing on this site within the week. I told him that she was such a light of strength and happiness and is very attractive as well. So I told him that this woman was sent to me th…