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  It has been a little bit since I have posted, life had its way with my focus. I am so proud to write this today for so many reasons. I am jut so very moved by my good friend Chloe Temtchine. She is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and the list goes on. Chloe is one of my favorite people on this earth. That list is very small.

  To get right to the point, My good friend suddenly developed a respiratory illness called Pulmonary Hypertension. I do not want this posting to be all about the illness, I want to describe how this event that I volunteered for really affected me to the core. There are just so may ways to be there for people in this life. So I decided that I would be there for her during this trying time. I did not know it before I arrived that night. However, Chloe had not performed on stage for almost 4 years before the other night.

  I found out that she would be performing at the 02 Breathe 1st Annual Gala and I had to be there. The donation just to be there was very high. However, in truth, there was no price on supporting my friend. I managed to become a volunteer for the evening at a place that I had performed in many times before. I helped to set up name tags for the tables as well as taking bid cards around the room and even greeting guests. I was humbled for the entire evening as I watched people come in with oxygen tanks and tubes coming from their noses. I had no idea that this was so serious, yet I knew that I was in the right place.

   I could hear her sound checking and it made me so very happy. She did not know that I was there as of yet. As I sat with the other volunteers, they told stories about their conditions and what they had been through. Almost all of them had some form of this condition. I felt grateful, moved, and somehow a bit out of place from time to time. Actually, it was not out of place as much as it was just blessed and three times as powerful as I normally do. I had my health and my freedom to do anything that I put my mind to. As they all spoke, I realized that they were string, am hopeful, and just really living life to their fullest. We all sat down at our assign tables at one point and ate a full meal as well. That came with volunteering that night. I learned that the evening was concentrated on a woman who had passed named Robin Barst. She was a doctor that made such an impact on thousands of people. It was so moving to hear how she improved the quality of so many lives in a short period of time.

  The stories about how she believed in restoring their health and dedicating her life to others was nothing short of phenomenal. Her husband got up and fought tears as he showed pictures of them from med school all the way up to the present moment. Her children were there as well and they were all just beautiful people. I even got to speak to him afterwards to offer my blessing and to thank him for his words.

  As I walked into the room to surprise my friend, she was filled with emotion. Although she could not breathe that well, she expressed her gratitude in a way that I will never forget. I told her that I loved her as a person and that she had my support in any way. I also told her that she inspired me in a very large way. Her husband was there as well and he was very cordial and appreciative to say the least. Sometimes you just know that you are in the right place for the right reason. My stomach tingled and my chest felt light. These are always the most authentic and emotional moments for me.

  It's fascinating how the universe always has another way to show you that time is precious and that we can always be doing more no matter what our schedule is. That evening as I watched and listened to her singing her tunes with her small band, I had the utmost respect for her courage and resilience. She was struggling to breathe, yet she made it look effortless at the same time. I was sitting next to a woman who was fighting her own battle with a few things and she and I connected as well. She spoke of her children and how she is blessed to wake up every day because her heart cannot go more than a block without needing to sit down. I was blown away.

   I write this post to impress upon you the importance of improving the quality of lives around you. What ever you can do, do it. However you can be less selfless, be it. Whatever you have that someone needs, give it. Although there was no particularly new information given at this event from a human to human perspective, the energy cut deeply into me. My good friend is still here with us and I am certain that she will be here for a very long time. I trust in that vibration. Please take the time to click on the link below and listen to her voice and feel her messages. She is pure magic to me. Also feel free to learn more about this illness just in case someone you know has it.Thank you Chloe

Click >>Chloe Temtchine  (Please support her through your words or by the purchase of her amazing cd).
Also research Ms. Barst online to find out about the fund that is in her name. I have included the link from the event which will happen every year going forward. You can fin it here >>02 Breathe Gala



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