Motion Activated

   So we are living in this time now where so many things around us just work based on the motion around us. Not to be in any way crass, but let's start with the bathroom. I can only speak about the room that I enter when I am in a public place, so ladies excuse me if I am not telling the correct story on your end. I was in a bathroom in Boston recently and noticed once again that the urinals and the sinks and the toilets were all motion activated. This was not a surprise to me because it is happening more and more all over. My question is, do we really need this help? Is it hard to turn on a faucet or to flush a toilet or to push down a lever on a urinal?

  Then as I sat there and pondered for a moment, I realized that this is a great lesson for us as humans. If we do not sit on the toilet or put our hands in front of the sink or put down the urinal, nothing happens. Before these luxuries were given to us, there was more flooding and so forth because people would leave faucets on and so forth and that became a mess for maintenance workers for sure. So now, things don't work unless they are activated by motion. This is great on one hand, yet on the other, we begin to rely on everything being done for us, well not everything, but some major things. I had to catch myself  a few weeks ago when I walked into a men's room as I passed through a major NYC department store. When I reached down to wash my hands, the water did not turn on. So I moved my hands up and down and sideways, only to find out it was a normal faucet. Does that mean I am now conditioned to just wait for the water to drip on me because of the motion activation? I kind of fight these little innovations at some points because I am caught up in the joy of analog. I love to see the process of things in motion. I love how it feels to be a part of making things work.

  What about you? Are you motion activated? Can someone ask you to do something and you get caught up in making it work without the joys of technology? Not that there is anything wrong with our many innovations, I just don't want to lose the contact with others. The touch, feel or interaction. Just as when I am in a bathroom usually at an upscale club or party and a guy hands me a towel after I wash my hands. I am not really in need of that service. Yet at times I tip him because I know he is doing his job and it gave me a moment of luxury or some facsimile of it. I am torn with this...

   In my humble opinion, all of life is motion activated. That's my story and I am sticking to it.Good day.



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