An Unexpected Request

  I love what I do for a living. I like to tell myself that what I do for a living also keeps me very much alive!!!I mean to say feeling alive and able to spread it across the masses at the same time. You often read that I am in some awesome location when I write my blog and it is always true. This weekend I revisited a place that I have been many times before. This time was also wonderful and I met some nice new people as well. It really is incredible how refreshing it is to meet new energies all of the time like I do. I am truly grateful.

  So I am fascinated how people assume that I am in the band each and every time that they see me.  This could be because of my hair, my race, my energy, or any number of possibilities. People tend to walk up to me and ask me random questions and sometimes they think that I am a waiter or bartender as well. Anyhow, this time I was asked a question by another man in the men's room as we were both near the sink about to wash our hands. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, as I always make a habit of using my peripheral vision consistently when I am in public. He looked at me a few times before he spoke to me and then the question came out. He politely said hello and asked me if I by any chance I knew how to tie a bow tie? Well, I was beside myself. not because he asked me, but because I was so proud that I had learned this skill many years ago in Italy. I was more than happy to help him get through this struggle.

   As I began to help him and relieve him of his stress filled face, it hit me!!! I had never actually tied a bow tie on another person from the opposite direction. Now at this point, I am guessing that many people would have done an about face. In an instant, I heard a voice that told me that I could do this. So I started out by explaining the process to him while showing him what I was doing slowly. Then I told him that tying a bow tie was one of those things that you have to feel under your own hands. So I urged him to repeat this process at home a few times in front of a mirror until he gets it. For some bizarre reason, this was the high point of my night, with the singing being a close second. First of all, its rare for a male to ask another male for help with something like this, in my opinion. I was less than a foot from him and very much up close and personal. Secondly, I truly enjoy having uncommon knowledge to share and/or teach at will. When someone else even hints at trusting you, it feels great. He walked away with a smile that made the entire room glisten. He said he owed me. I got a kick out of that. He did not realize that he already paid me from the inside...

   This guy really inspired me. I walk away thinking about putting together a course on detailed things that men have problems doing or asking for help to do. He has no idea how he affected me. It amazes me how these little interactions can lubricate the brain. That was magic to me and I will never forget how it made me feel. Hey guys or girls out there, can you tie a bow tie? Just asking.....Its a great little piece of knowledge to have under your belt, to me anyway. Keep it moving positive..



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