Lost Camera

  Its been a little bit since I have written. When there is a lull in my writing, know that there is so much going on around me that I am almost overwhelmed and sometimes even afraid to write based on the personal level of my thoughts and perspectives. Anyhow, its all good.

  A few days ago I was riding the train. I love the train. The people, the clothing, the performers that pop up at any given moment, the aroma (sometimes), the experience of being underground only to wind up several miles away above ground. There is nothing like the NYC subway in the entire world that I have seen thus far. Its worth every red cent of its cost each and every day.

   So I was sitting there listening to some music that I had been studying for my gigs and a couple entered the train. The woman was in her twenties maybe with gorgeous long hair and wearing jeans and a simple tee with colors on it. The guy was wearing shorts with a tee as well and his body was adorned with tattoos and chains. They looked great together, I almost told them so, but I just observed and said nothing. At one point, I popped my eyes over to them and the girl smiled at me. This happens from time to time to me. I took it as a friendly gesture and nothing more.

   There were some tourists sitting to the left of them and they were in a group of 5 or so. I had not been paying too much attention to them prior to that moment, but suddenly they all got up and exited the train. About 1 minute later, I saw the young man that I had just described reach for a camera that was left on the seat. He and his girl examined it closely and then began to peruse the pictures that were in side. My first thought was,"What will they do with that camera?' My second thought was,"What would I have done with that camera?"My mind began to race. I could feel that they were kind souls, so I knew they would do something good. I felt like a bit of a voyeur at this point because I had a front seat in this little drama.

    This was a camera that was not there's, however, at this moment, there were several actions that could take place. They could keep it, give it to a station agent, put it on craigslist, sell it, use it for them selves then give it away, and the list goes on. I realized in that moment that I would not know what they would do with it and I would have to be content with not knowing in a few stops when I got off. I also thought of asking them what they were going to do with it and kind of asking them for a little integrity interview. I decided against that because I felt it would force their decision. I could hear them speaking about it and mulling it over with themselves.

     What happened next was so unexpected, yet heart warming, that it spun me out into a completely different place. A homeless man passed through and asking for money as they usually do on almost every trip that I take. However, after he was handed some money by random people, the young man across from me handed him the camera. He thanked him and left the train with a face of pure amazement. Was this the right thing to do? Did he deserve that camera? Could it have been set up like that by the universe? These are all questions that I cannot answer. What I do know for sure though, is that there are good people in this world. That little moment was magic for me, purely because someone lost and someone gained all within a short time frame. We just don't know how its going to work out do we? I love it and I love that you have showed up tot read this....Be well.. Chase


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