Fascination With Adaptation


  So here we are in our respective skins. Each one of us has come from different backgrounds, teachings, lineage, geographic locations, and so on. We are moving through a series of unknowns each and everyday and we have no choice but to adapt. Some conversations that we have are so difficult, while others are smooth like sherbet. The point that I am getting to, is that when we are not in our comfort zones, we have to adapt. I am certain that there are those who would tell me that they do not adapt at all, but it would be a false statement. We all adapt and we all do it differently.

   This past 3 days I sang in 3 completely different locations. Each one of them had a different aesthetic,  a different audience, and a different set of songs to sing based on the crowd. I enjoyed each atmosphere, however, I was very aware of what I needed to do in each setting. One setting was an outdoor bar. It was on the tip of a beautiful dock near the water. There were people within 3 feet of me standing or sitting next to the bar. There was even one man who was so close to me that kept blurting out things that were very distracting, however, I let him be. He was happy and very positive overall. The evening went well and everyone was happy and loved the band. I was sweating like a pig with 2 sweaters on and I was wearing linen. I made it though, I had 3 other shirts with me. I had a small meal of veggies and I was so grateful to be there.

   The next evening, I was about 9 miles from this location, still next to the beach. This was indoors and the band was behind some Greek like pillars. The band was twice the size from the night before and I was dressed in a tux. There were a different set of egos present that night. There was a manager, and a set of other chiefs as well. I observed many interesting little things. This night I sang country and pop, hip hop, and even some jazz. There was a certain protocol to follow when we were not onstage. We had to eat in a specific area and we were fed a nice little meal. The people were happy, yet at least 10 separate people came up to bark at us as to why we were not playing more dance or old school rap. You just never know what people are thinking, until they tell you that is. That evening ended with the brides father getting irate with the bandleader because he would not play one more song, which would have put us into overtime. Its always the details.

     Last evening, I found myself in the grand ballroom of one of New York's finest hotels in the history of NY hotels. This was a wedding that requested only old school jazz and classic tunes from the 20's to the 60's. Once again we had barkers who made their way up to the stage and asked us what we were doing? can you believe that? We had to follow the instructions of the bride and groom, however, we gave them some contemporary stuff near the very end. The lights were low, the big band was behind me, and I was content either way. To sing those songs that were written way before I was born makes me tingle inside. I did not feel vocally up to par last night in any way, however, I did not let it show and I am sure they did not notice. I had to adapt and make it work.

      Adaptation takes effort and most times a very conscious approach. I deal with so many diverse personalities in my business. Some are so difficult that I can only take them in small doses and others are so easy going that I wonder why the others cant be that way too. They all call on me to do what i love and to do it consistently every time that they call upon me. I just had a side thought about when I was working in Italy on a cruise ship. I had friends that could speak 6 languages fluently. They could talk with any passenger that came up to the front desk. I loved to watch them and they were so very precise. It made me want to learn the same languages and communicate just as well. I could communicate not only with words, but with music as well. They inspired me to no end. Actually they still do even though I am not with them.

      In closing, I am truly fascinated with how we all adapt to our surroundings and how we navigate through our lives. I could just sit and watch and take it all in and I would be satisfied. Well, I guess the truth is that I do this every day. Its all about the push and the pull and what we are willing to do to stay in our sweet spots. I believe that those who learn how to chameleon their way through life will have the best time dealing with all that life has to offer. In other words, changing your outside while never changing your insides. I was the same person in those situations inside, yet I navigated through them a tad differently from the outside. I did not compromise myself, I just paid attention to where I was and made it work accordingly. I have a fascination with adaptation for sure. Be well..



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