Caring For Others And Bringing Them Together


                                        I had a topic to write about today and then I saw this:

  Anyone know Donald Green? He's the crazy homeless dude who hangs in the village with his signs up about being a "NY Times published poet" Needless to say, his mind is broken. I'm not sure if he's a little schizophrenic or what, but he's definitely not all there. On the way to Liquiteria a couple days ago Michelle and Kristin and I saw him kick over a newspaper stand. I guess he was having a bad day. On the way home from the park tonight. I saw him out in front of the Wallgreens in Astor place. I decided to get a poem from him. I told him I needed something to cheer me up, because I'd had a long day. For 10 dollars this is what he wrote, "You are my friend... I see your eyes and when there's a rift between us we can forgive... With you my friend there's walking, talking, laughing and silence... You are there riding in the tallest wave, You are there in joyous times and you are the good to further life, and my Friend. To sit on the bench and measure you is to move in music and candle light" ... Now one thing I hate is over romanticizing the NYC crazy homeless people. But this brought me to tears. I think perhaps because I think of all the obstacles I deal with to succeed. But in his eyes I'm riding the tallest wave. However difficult my obstacles may be, they will never be as difficult as his.

   This truly moved me. Firstly, because I know exactly who this amazing musician is writing about. Let me clarify. The guy who posted this on Facebook is a very talented piano player who plays out in the open in Washington Square Park on an upright piano. Its one of my favorite things to listen to in the city. He is a gracious young man who really appreciated people and is highly passionate about what he delivers to each and every person that hears him. You can find him HERE
   I could write a whole posting on him alone, however, my point in shining a light on him is that he exposed the simple fact that I am seeing time and time again, we all matter. That guy probably has no idea that he affected Colin enough for him to post that on his page. Now I am posting this on my blog which is being read in over 20 countries. Does he matter now? A resounding YES!!!! We are all carrying the torch of the reflection of others. That is real talk. 

    About 2 year ago, I travelled across the country to Oklahoma city to attend a very powerful event that was designed to bring thousands of people who were all changing the state of the United States with a seriously groundbreaking service. This is not just any service, this is one that is changing thousands of peoples live each and every single day. I decided to go there and stay with a local person in a home as opposed to renting a hotel. This was made possible by a site called Couch Surfing . It sounded so exciting to me, so I took the leap and did it. I placed a request and I was accepted by a few people, however, one young woman had an aura that leaked through the screen, so I contacted her. As I remember it, she was not able to help me at first, however, she offered to come and get me and take me out for a meal and a short little tour.  What a kind, generous, and present souls she was. Her smile was huge and so genuine and her heart was wide open like the wing span of a n eagle. 

     I did wind up staying at her place the following year and the year after as well. I had my own room and the vibe was very pleasant.The experience was just perfect. Fast forward to now. My good friend is now in my home and has been for the past few days. She and her great friend who is from Italy originally are both here. They both had never been to NYC before this week. I love to introduce people to this incredible city. It never wanes in power, excitement, or possibilities. I became their pilot and they trusted me to guide them to higher ground and into the unknown. So when my friend arrived with her friend, I met another person as well, obviously. Then yesterday, the three of us went to have a quick afternoon tea to meet another on of her friends who just so happens to live a few blocks from me. Now I have met another person!!!

    I think you can see where all of this is going. I took a chance and push out of the box a little bit and I was rewarded handsomely. This was never about money or any sort of tangible gain. When on human being reached out to another, the outcome is usually triple or better on the other side. I love hosting first time NY visitors and the universe knows this very well for sure. They will come back here again as many times as they like and I will gladly host them over and over again. I forgot to mention that one of the main reasons that they came here was to see Sinead O'Connor at Lincoln Center.  These two brave and curious souls were so moved by this truly gifted artist, that they drove from Oklahoma City to NY together. They had seen her this year already and they wanted to have the experience again.  Music moves people, literally. 

    So all of these little pieces have brought all of us together. Relationships have been formed and now they are strong and moving forward as a larger entity. How can you reach out to someone and be cause in the matter for them? Does that voice ever go off inside of you that asks you to help a random person or someone that you love? Do it...No matter what it costs or what you have to sacrifice, just do it. Its an overwhelming thing to experience this warmth and this vibration. I have found myself reaching for another way to help these women on their adventure. I actually did give them a little gift of transportation since they have been here, but somehow, I want to do more. 

    We just do not know how its all going to work out do we? We speak or think and the universe or what you personally believe to be your higher power puts it in front of us time and time again. The energy that I put out returned to me in a huge fashion. I was them able to swim in it and feel its power. I cannot tell you how great it feels..Thank you for being here..



Love Kindly said…
Just what I needed on a night like this . We all matter...We are all significant in our own special way. I am greatful to the fact that u have a way with words...u take something simple and through ur creativity, make it priceless. keep writing...keep touching hearts..And this comes from a friend that will forever be greatful to u and ur big big heart.

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