Racing To Be Human


   I woke up with this sentiment in the front of my mind today. We are all in such a bubble of humanistic agendas each and every day. I am learning that all resistance is useless. There are so many ways that we resist being human and I am seeing them clearer these days. I spoke with a good friend and fellow musician yesterday for about 20 minutes or so. He has been dealing with anxiety issues and that has been making him very tired and dehydrated and a few other things. I was called to fill in for him last night and the group that he would normally sing with expressed their concerns for him and what he was going through. They really were confused about what he is going through.

   As we spoke, I heard sort of a let down in his voice because he could not show up for the gig last night. I told him that it was just fine and that I would be there to fill his spot with energy and pride. He explained how he was coming out of the train the other day and just felt dizzy and out of sorts, so he just sat down. He felt as though is whole system was just shutting down. I need to also add that when this guy parties, he goes all in. So in some ways, maybe he has just hit a wall and his body is giving him a strong signal to slow down. I have been there and it is something that we all have to listen to. There is no back door tactic to this.

   We are all human. So we feel pain, give love, feel love, prepare for the next day, run in to walls, get hurt, need warmth, feel lost, and so on. The best part of all of this is that we "all" get to experience these emotions. I have not met a person yet who is immune from this truth. I also believe that when we try to block certain emotions, they leave a little crater on our mental and physical palette that remains there until we deal with it head on. Then we do the completely damaging thing and compare our progress to others. I catch myself every time that I do this and it makes a difference. Our bodies do not lie to us as it relates to how we are feeling from the inside out. However, our perceptions of how we feel can rob us quicker than a pick pocket on a NY subway at Christmas time. Its just wrong.

   I am realizing that being human is not a race. We cannot get healthy quickly, nor can we change habits that we have developed over years in one moment. It takes effort and willingness to fail in the process. There are days when I ask myself, what can I change energetically about my life today? Then I inevitably also ask, what is so wrong that it needs changing? Is this my perception or my reality? Then I realize that perception is reality and it will never change no matter how long I pontificate on it. I am here and I am in the exact place that I am supposed to be at this very moment. What I observe should aid me in the learning process as well as expose what does not serve me.

   My good friend reached out to me after speaking with a mutual friend of ours. I was humbled that he chose me to call when he was feeling very under the bar. I listened to him and all I wanted to do was give him as much strength as I possibly could. The things that I told him had always worked for me. They were gems from my journey and nothing more. So the question is, are we in a race to be human? Meaning, are we trying to catch up to those who we feel are living at a higher level or are we working to galvanize our own temples to live a more higher vibrational life? I have so much more releasing to do in many ways, however, I am feeling the process coming to life and its really wonderful.

    So I ask you, are you ready to be human at your own pace? Can you listen without being offended? Can you admit that you messed up without blame? Can you love strongly and outwardly without the prerequisite of getting it in return immediately? Can you ask for "exactly" what you want? Can you see yourself being very successful in your endeavors? Can you let go of what weighing you down? Lastly, can you stop racing to be human? A true race is when each participant starts from the same place. The glitch is that they all prepared differently, they all think differently. and they all don't expect to win.  We can all begin to be wildly human today. These are all my perceptions of what will make life easier, by the way. They could be totally off base for you.

    I love the expression, "Walking in another man's shoes." The reason that I love it is because even if you do get the opportunity to do this, you will still be you. There is no possible way to be fully immersed in another person's truth, perception, or reality. So what is it that makes us gravitate to this action? Write your story, live your journey, and most of all, set a pace for yourself that makes you smile. I appreciate you being here with me. I am so grateful for that honor....


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