The Surprise Free Ride

  I travel all over the states on the east coast performing and I literally have countless stories that I love to tell about what happens before, during, and after these exciting trips. I am always traveling to yet another country club, or private residence, or private gala at a secret location. The opulence that I have seen in the past few years has been nothing short of breath taking. I go and I render my vocal skills to these events and in turn they pay me and they feed me. I made it sound so simple just then, however, I get to study humans while they are at their most emotional points. After they have just gotten married, while they are dancing, and of course while they are interacting with many others.

   Last weekend I took a wonderful train ride about 1 hour outside of NYC to New Jersey. The event that I performed at was a wedding and it was beautiful. I arrived in the town next to where the actual wedding was. I could only get that close with public transportation. As I arrived, I was taken by a quaint little town called Madison. I had never heard of this place before and it was not my final destination, as I stated. So I had about an hour to do with whatever I wanted. I chose to walk around and see the little shops from the outside only and just meander. i then called for a car service to take me about 3 miles away. When I called the number, a man named Jimmy answered. I asked him if there were any cars available to take me to my party. He told me that there were no cars open and that I need to call ahead of time on a Sunday. I did not understand this, being as I am from probably the most accessible place on the planet for car service. He explained that he only had a few cars at the time and that he could maybe come and get me in an hour. I did not like this, so I asked for another number to try and he gave it to me.

    At this point, I called the other number and the place was not open. So I stayed calm, knowing that this would work out. About 15 minutes later, I called Jimmy back. He told me that he had a cancellation and that he would be right over, he said the trip would be $20. I thank ed him and arranged a place to meet. he arrived promptly and I was pleasantly greeted with a big smile and the energy of a man that was wise beyond measure and an obviously warm heart. The conversation began with me asking about his family and how long he had been driving. He told me that he was helping out his daughter and that he has 7 kids I believe. I just felt drawn into his aura somehow. He explained how he was still married to his wife after 40 years and that young people today split up too easy over things that could be worked out. He said that they are too caught up in sex and egos and that those things wont keep you together.

   Although this trip was about 15 minutes, I felt as though I should pay him for an hour session of some sort of therapy. I told him about me as well, however, I was far more interested in him. I think that he was about 64 years young. As we arrived at my destination, I felt like I wanted to continue talking to him. Unfortunately, I had to go. I did give him my business card as well as a dvd about something very exciting that I am involved in that may serve him and his family financially as well as spiritually. As I reached into my pocket to give him some money, he declined. I was confused. He said that I had called and he was not available at first and that he wanted to do it as a courtesy. I was still not understanding why he would do that? I told him that I wanted to give him something and he replied, " You did, I have your card and this dvd." I was so beside myself. I told him that we would be in touch and that I appreciated the ride. I also let him know that we should speak again some other time and possibly have a meal. He agreed and bid me farewell.

   So what happened there? I do not know. I do not need to know either. It was fluid and real and very strong. Two human beings meeting for the first time, but not the last. I felt an energy exchange and this was very authentic. It was like he was family or something. This is karma placing its stamp on me again in my opinion. I helped someone like that many times, just because I felt it was right. I guess he just felt that it was right and so he did it. I am trying to figure out a way to thank him as we speak. What a magic life. Keep doing as much as you can for others. It comes back to you when you least expect it. Be well.



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