Small Glimpses Of Magic Observed

  I wanted to expose some snippets of magic that I have observed over the past week, I have been very internal with my thoughts recently and I am coming out of that space as of right now. When I originally started this blog, I wanted to write each and every day. Trust me, I could write pages a day, however, I choose to stretch it out and create a little mystery here and there. If anyone reading this would prefer for me to write more frequently, just say the word.

   About two days ago, I stopped to get a water at a hot dog stand because I wanted water and it was right at the entrance to Central Park, As I walked up, another woman walked up as well. She had a bout 10 visible tattoos and I was instantly fascinated by them,. I said hello and she gave me a hello and a smile as well. I complimented her on her incredible tattoos and we had some basic conversation as she waited for her food. I noticed that she was in a hurry and her friend was waiting for her about 30 feet away. After getting her hot dog, she told me to have a nice day and she walked away. I watched her walk in the opposite direction and in about 15 feet or so, she knelt down and gave the hot dog to a homeless man and patted him on the back. That sent a vibration through my heart, his stomach and I am sure her soul. Someone is always watching for sure. In that instance, it was me,

    I was riding the train tonight on the way home and my fellow New Yorkers made me proud. Its interesting to me how every one knows that the train jerks for ward when it takes off, yet people almost fall each and every time, or so it seems. Well tonight as I was about 4 stops from my home an elderly woman entered the train and there wee no empty seats. I started to get up and give her my seat without any hesitation and then another person did and then another. It was like falling dominoes in reverse. She was so moved by the gestures that came rushing to her that she did not know where to sit. Unfortunately, she waited too long and as the train started to move, she lost her balance and almost fell back onto the ground. The best part of the story is that 3 different people caught her before she fell and then the people clapped as if they were at a show. The woman laughed out loud at how clumsy she had been. I just smiled as many others did. It is so much better to lend a hand than it is to deliver a frown or to turn the other cheek. We can be nice in NY when we want to. That was some one's mother or grandmother. It could have been ours on any given day. Great job guys.

    I sang at the home of a millionaire about two weeks ago. I had been to one of his other residences within the past year and that was just stellar as well. This time was different because he engaged with me in a very personal and human fashion. This man is 87 years young, I believe. I sang with another woman who was so talented and so nice as well. So after we sang about 7 or so selections, we were complimented and just treated so wonderfully and gracious. He came up to me after the afternoon was over and he asked me some questions. The first one was, How old are you?' The second was, "How long have you been singing for a living?' I was moved by these questions because it was so rare that people like this man came over to me to see who I was. He was cordial the last time, however, this time he was as human and engaged as he could possibly be. He gave me his attention and I gave him mine. He then complimented me and told me that I really had a special talent and that I was so blessed to be able to share it with so may people in such and intimate setting. His last words were, " I really appreciate you being in our home, and I look forward to seeing you again. That was just perfect and authentic to me. I felt like I had just had a warm hand placed on my back before a soothing massage.

    Lastly, at the same gathering, I noticed a very well known actor that I have the utmost respect for in so many ways. I could not believe that I was at an intimate party and he was right there as a guest. I was not star struck at all, I was just full of respect and gratitude. As I sang, he and his wife looked at my goof friend who sang with me and they smiled with joy. After the little cabaret like show, he came up to me and let me know how much he and his wife truly did enjoy it. I told him that this was not the way that this was supposed to go!!! I was supposed to come to him and tell him how much I loved him and what he does!!!! he told me that he had beat me...That was a magic moment. We took a picture together  and he told me to send the picture to him. He gave me his personal email and that was that. Like the fella once said, "Ain't that a kick in the head?'  Amazing magic rides again...I am blessed.



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