Honoring The Time Of Others

  Well there are lessons every day and that remains true no matter what I do. I had a n exchange today with a person that gave it to me raw and in living color, via Facebook. Now before I go into this, let me say this, everyone deserves respect when it comes to the time that they choose to spend with you and it should work in each direction. Where am I going with this? Well, there are those who we have time for, those who we create time for, and those who we avoid having time for in one way or another. I am sure that I can squeeze in another one or two categories as well, but lets just stay with those. I am so sensitive when it comes to this topic because I genuinely do honor the time of others, its really important to me. So what happens when a person feels that you do not honor their time or even worse, feels that you do not have the capacity to do so? In my humble opinion, you stop, breathe, review, and take the feedback so that you may navigate through much better the next time with this person. That's if you care enough about them to do so.

  The curve ball as it relates to this topic is, everyone is different. So getting this concept down can prove to be completely null and void with some other people. When people tell you that they are busy for the next month or week or so, you have to believe them. Firstly, you have no idea what they are doing when you are not with them. Secondly, no one should be convinced or sold on spending time with you. We spend time with others because it feeds us or soothes us or adds to us in some way or another. Some people actually get together with one another just to be able to stretch their negative side and that is just how it is. If it serves them, then more power to them. But my real objective here is, take the time to give those whom you respect and love the time to marinate in your aura and be authentic about it. I officially do not make plans with someone unless I am 100 percent that I can show up and be on time for them. So at times I will tell the person that I will get back to them. The problem is that nothing is 100 percent, even when the best of intentions are present.

   So this particular person told me that they honor their time very carefully and that I needed to know that going forward. Actually, I have never met this person, however, I was asked to by a very trusted friend who I respect highly. I commend her and another person in my close circle of friend for stepping out boldly and giving me this information. There was never any intention to disrespect either one of their days by not having a set plan, however, when there is a plan, it makes the meeting or get together or event have a more respective vibe and energy and I get that. This kind of person is rare these days in my circles for a myriad of reasons, however, I was quick to take off my ego cap and accept the bold and very clear message that was sent to me and sit with it. I know first hand how it feels to have my time played with, not respected, or just plain ignored. So the words that reached me stung a little bit, but only because it mattered to me. Those who tell you how they like to be treated are some of life's most precious gifts to me. If you do not agree with them, then you can always distance yourself from them.

   I am cleansing myself by writing this posting as well as giving all of you a little insight that may help you will [the people in your life right now. Most people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. That is a universal truth that is truly irrefutable. So as I take this lesson and prepare my soul to act on it, I say a silent apology for the people who have ever thought that I do not value their time in any way. Be it taking a call during a meal,cutting them off when they were speaking, or not making proper plans to spend some quality time with them. I mean well and I get the message that you are sending. We are all human and we certainly not perfect. However, we all deserve to be heard and understood. The catch is that in order to be heard and/or understood, it has to make a difference to the receiver. It makes a difference to me and I have heard your messages.

   To all of those people in my life that know how much I care for you in so many ways, I promise to give you my attention when I say I will, make a plan to see you and be present when I do and lastly, listen to you when you tell me that something that I am doing or saying is just not working out. The messages that we need to relate to others should almost always be offered in person or over the phone though, in my opinion. I say this because I have had some of the worst communication problems with others purely based on us not "hearing" each other. The tones and the inflections that we provide are important. Leave nothing to chance in the way of communication when you need to convey a message to those that you care for in this life. They will love you for this little action. Thank you for being here....



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