Two Dollars And A Scarf


 It is such a great feeling to watch the depth of the human heart displayed in another human being. You cannot deny it when you see it. You feel it and it shoots through your entire being. Do you feel me or am I just speaking for myself? I am speaking of times when you see someone give up their seat, or when you watch someone help an elderly woman cross the street, or maybe even watching someone give money to the homeless. We have all seen one of these situations and it does affect us in one way or another. I live for these moments because it serves as a meter for me as to how much or how little I may be doing for others at any given time. Giving or providing for another is truly a grand gesture that never goes out of style.

   I am so blessed with many high vibrational friends and acquaintances in my life. So whenever I am in the proud position to speak of them, I do just that. This is a little posting about a woman that continues to impress me almost every time that I spend time with her. Because of our non conventional schedules, we only have pockets of time together, however each time is another chance to reap the benefits of her kindness towards any human being that is in her general vicinity. I have never seen anyone say hello to more random people in a day than her. I also have never seen so many random acts of kindness displayed within such a short time frame from one person either. Now I do see myself as doing so many things for others without any expectations as well. So I guess in a roundabout way, I see myself in this amazing woman, That's how it works , I am told. When you see so much of yourself in someone or something, it makes you happy, it makes you feel free, it makes you feel connected.

   We were walking down the street and it was very cold that evening. Up ahead there was a woman slowly approaching who seemed to be troubled about something. Interestingly, we both stopped as if it was all planned to happen that way. She asked us if we could help her with some money to get some food or coffee. I pulled out a dollar and so did she. We asked her what was going on with her and she told us that she would have never thought that she would be in this position. My gut took a hit at that very moment. It reminded me that no one is exempt form the possibility of being homeless. She shed some tears and then told us a little bit more of her story. After about 2 minutes, after we wished her well, my friend did something that just put the icing on the cake. She reached around her scarf and placed it on the woman and wrapped it around her. The scarf was gorgeous and sewn with endless detail. She thanked us and we walked away.

    I immediately asked her why she gave away that awesome scarf? I asked her more to get her hearts reaction in that very moment. I realized very quickly that I would have done the same thing. Then I asked her who had given her that scarf? She told me that her mother had given it to her many years ago.  She then told me that she did it because the woman was cold and that she needed it. I agreed and it was plain and simple in the end. That woman was definitely affected by us stopping for her and listening and of course for us giving her some of our blessings. Even sentimental items can be given away in this life. As a matter of fact, sometimes those are the items that have so much vibration attached to them that they serve the receiver even more in the end. I was so very moved by this exchange.

    We sat down and had a meal afterwards and I noticed that she was writing something on her arm. I asked her what she was writing and she told me she was writing the name of the woman we had just met. In her mind, writing this woman's name on her arm would keep her thoughts and prayers on her for as long as the name lasts on her arm and probably for quite some time afterwards as well. This floored me and I was speechless. That was such a unique perspective on what to do in that scenario. I loved every minute of it. In my quest to learn as much as I can from any human being that I come into contact with, I had just been given such a gift to be a bystander in this little vignette. Once again I am reminded that what we do matters and it is seen by many people. I am not sure that she realized how that event touched me, but it did. I am even more stimulated to do more, give more, and to love more.

     So what about you? Are you holding on to things or to gestures towards others that you just cannot seem to offer up? Is fear of not having enough stopping you from releasing good vibes or even a tangible item from your life that someone else may need and use more often than you? Do you find yourself looking at those in need and judging them more than reaching out to help them? Can you say that you are positive that you will never find yourself in such a low place? These are all just questions to ponder. Your answers are private within you. Just refer to me as the guide who cares more than I can explain.

     Take the day to the highest heights!!!!!                                 Chase


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