I Love The Genius Bar


  Now for those of you who are Mac users, I do not have to tell you how advanced the company is or how innovative their products are at all. It seems as though just as they come up with a good thing, it is followed by another. I am not a fan of the latest everything in any way. Put in a simpler fashion, we are all so blessed to have what we have right now that it is truly a powerful thing. So what makes us want that new thing, that new phone, that new app, that new case? We want it because somehow the media lures us into the mind space that it will enhance our life and further more make us noticeably cooler and definitely more accepted in the world. Do you believe that? Whether you do or you do not, it does not matter. It was a question that I will leave rhetorical. The fact of the matter is that they have carved out a niche that has changed technology forever and it is serving us in many ways. Thank you Mr. Jobs.

   So in the past three days I have visited the mac store 3 different times. Twice for an issue that had to be dealt with on 2 different days and once for an issue that was solved the very same day. When I tell you that I have never had a bad experience at the Genus Bar, I am not exaggerating at all. Each and every time that I sit on that stool, I am welcomed, dealt with on time, and met with a smile. Now why in the world is this so very consistent? Well the answer could be many, however, my personal opinion is that they just get it. They understand that putting young, vibrant, and knowledgeable people in front of the product will produce highly favorable results almost every time. I feel as though the person, man or woman, that helps me knows the product, loves the product, and most of all is connected to the product.

   Now of course I am fascinated with the fact that they call it "The Genius Bar." I mean could they put any more pressure on those people by calling it that? I love it!! It raises the bar and just about lets you know 100 percent that your problem will be fixed or you will get a new one. Now sometimes that involves out of pocket money on your part, but more so often than not, it doesn't from my experience. Case in point, my track pad was not clicking. For those of you who are not familiar with that piece of equipment, this is a cordless mouse on crack. It scrolls, clicks, and stays in one place and just looks sleek and sexy. So mine was scrolling and not clicking, simply put. Now I have only had it for about 6 months, so they were concerned. Guess what the problem was? The rubber feet on the bottom of it had vanished? Therefore, there was nothing to push against the pad to make it click! That was amazing to me because I thought that the rubber feet had the least to do with the actual operation of the pad and they had the most to do with it.

    The young man told me that it was covered and that I could get a new pad free of charge. So I asked him why could I not just get some new rubber shoes. He replied that they wanted to make sure that it was working properly and that its not easy to just pop them on. So if they gave me a new one, it would be a better solution. I was so taken once again by their dedication. If you want to serve people well, it's so possible if that is your goal and they do it well. Even the process that you have to go through to get an appointment is simple. Go online, make the appointment, give them a short description of what your problem is and you are off to the races!!By the way, you are greeted when you enter the area and guided to a chair if one is open and then they serve you some small plates of fruit and a beverage, ( just kidding), but they do make you feel welcomed.

    Thank you to all of those people who provide service at The Genius Bar. You are all so very precious and on your game. I have never been disappointed in any city, at any time, with any interaction. That is a huge compliment. I will return again and again and again. By the way, I went to a different Mac store each time just because I could and they all knocked it out of the park. Service matters and anyone who tells you any differently, has probably never been served well. Don't settle for mediocre service. Go where your time and dollars are well respected and appreciated. I believe my work here is done.



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