Reboot, Replenish, Refresh, Reignite......


   I have been in a different place geographically, mentally, and physically. I have needed it in a very big way for the past few months and the universe delivered again.. I asked the universe for a get away to just reflect and rebuild a little. My yoga and my spiritual and heart cleansing has been ongoing for quite a while now and I am not finished as of yet. Are we even really finished in that area? How often can we just meander through the day and not have any responsibilities to speak of while also being in a very comfortable climate away from traffic, snow, schedules, any stress, and most of all distractions. To most people, that is unheard of at any time of the year. I have experienced this a few times in my life and it is truly magical.

   Just to update you on my yoga journey, it was a magical 30 days, well more like 29 and a day of reflection, however, it was perfect. If you concentrate on anything for a straight 30 days, you will see what I am speaking and writing of in no time. That time was powerful and full of many lessons that i am still glowing from every day. If you know me, you know that i will begin another  project or challenge or something that pushes me as soon as I return. Its not that I mind standing still in life, its just that I want to remain fluid and able to handle anything That comes my way. As we all know, most times we are not warned when the road just takes a detour out of nowhere. The yoga challenge taught me once again that I am always in control of me. I am never in control of others or what happens in general, just me. Then when you stay the course in any way, things start to manifest that you could never imagine. That is the true and unstoppable magic.

    My blogs have made me a bit more accountable in strange way. I mean just writing these blogs causes me to expose my life in a way that I have to pay closer attention to what I say, do, and project. That makes me happy because I know that it will make a difference to someone at some time. That is an absolute given and that will never change. I have been journaling also, which is sort of an extension of this blog in an offbeat way. I write about more personal things and I go deeper to cleanse the parts of me that may need a little extra attention. These entries will always be there on paper so I really write in complete honesty each and every time. I was thinking to myself yesterday that when I pass away, someone will read them and may be very surprised at how I handled some of the things that I wrote in those books.

    In the past week, I have met about 20 new people. They come from different places, speak different languages, and most of all have great personalities. I know that I was supposed to meet them now and that is why I am so excited to be here at this very moment. We can never understand why the tides change the way that they do, but we can let it be and marinate in it. I have also woken up to the sun each and every day because of my incredible room that looks out over the bay and allows a million rays of sun into my bed. I cannot tell you how that has changed my sleep pattern for the better. My hometown was hit with a brutal storm and I guess I was not meant to experience it this time. I left just in time to miss it completely.

    Its time to nourish my stomach. I have so many cool surprises coming for the blog. Thank you for supporting me and my journey, well our journey. I am not separate from you in the grand scheme of things, not even close. Be well and remember that magic things await around every corner. Just open your eyes and expect them to arrive for no reason at all. Its the release that produces the capture.....



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