Yogi Hip Hop Fury/ Patty Cake/ Kundalini Day 11

  I have to say that this was maybe the most interesting day that I have had so far on the Kundalini floor. First and foremost, we started the class with dancing again and we did it to yogi hip hop! Now let me paint the picture for you here. Picture 2 men and 4 women in a yoga studio at 2 in the afternoon. We are all of different races, ages, and yogi levels. Then the teacher comes into the room and say hello and we go into our beginning chant. So far all is good and in order. Then she tells us that we are going to dance. So the music comes on and its like Eminem meets Deepak Chopra! I did not laugh, it just caught me off guard and then I closed my eyes and danced for about 10 minutes or so. The feeling of dancing while your eyes are closed is becoming a common theme for me. Actually it has been a common theme for me for quite some time. I feel connected to that concept in more ways than one. The music changed tempos about 4 times as the songs changed as well. The music was something like this....

(Imagine a 50 cent beat in the background of your head right now) Come on just play along.

The energy mounts and I am here
My soul is bright I'm done with fear.
The prana is high , the love is pure.
We all know that we can endure.
My chakra is open, my heart is true.
The creator sent me to be with you..

Alright, on serious note, I just made that up, but it was so close to that, I promise.
I loved it. I was blown away and I had to keep it all in and focus!!!

    Then something else happened that hasn't in any other class thus far. The each other asked us to pair up with a partner, preferably of the opposite sex. There just so happened to be 2 men and 4 women, so it did not work out perfectly, but it was powerful nonetheless. I partnered up with a woman who was right next to me and that is when the patty cake began. So we chanted a simple mantra and clapped hands together twice in front of us and then over head while saying the mantra to each other. This transfer of energy was interesting to say the least. My partner was a fitness professional and it was her first day doing kundalini. She was friendly and had a phenomenal aura. I was very grateful that we paired up. There was something about being almost face to face with this woman that made it twice as strong.

    The rest of class had some very challenging strength exercises that challenged me. I have very tight hamstrings and when I bend over, I cannot touch my feet fully. Therefore, going from one pose to another and having to use this part of my legs pushed me. The next two positions pushed me to a serious place that made me focus and stay engaged and I appreciated it. Another little strange thing happened today. Just as we were in the last few seconds of a very challenging movement, a voice from the street said,"Move it , move it!!!!." It was obviously a police officer or something, but it was so on point that it shocked the class.

    So I made a new friend today and we exchanged information. Then when I got home and connected with her online, I found out that she knows a very good friend of mine as well. Good people always find each other when they are vibrating at high levels. This has been true for me for as long as I can remember. I truly believe that the better you are as a person, meaning open and authentic and not selfish and vindictive or conniving, you will constantly run into those people who will just want to serve and raise you up. After the class, the teacher came up to me in the main area of the place and asked me if I was feeling more balanced now from the last time that she saw me. That was the day that I had an eyeball water main break, just to clarify. I thank ed her for asking and she asked me some questions about what I do and so forth. She told me that she was from Poland and that made me think of one of my closest friends in my life right now who is also from Poland. Maybe they should meet. I will take her to class when this teacher is doing the class that day. As I just said, good people always wing up meeting in some way or another.

   What a great afternoon it was. I am learning so much and I am really sinking into the practice. When I leave the class, I feel lighter and more responsible for my decisions, thoughts, and reactions than I have felt in a very long time. Let me write that in a different way. I feel more aware of my inner voice is a better way of saying that. Are you getting inspired to do Kundalini or any type of yoga? Just asking, no stress or judgement either way. It was a good day. I enjoyed it. Take care of you...




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