The Strength To Take Care Of You / Kundalini Day 22

  What I really love about this practice is that there are no throw away days. I leave that class every day feeling like my body and mind has grown a little bit and it is just exhilarating. Today our amazing teacher told us that the kriya that we would be doing was to concentrate on taking care of your self or supporting yourself in times of negativity or low energy and things like that. I knew that this was going to be good because she is always just right on her game. This woman was the first person that I saw when I entered the studio for the first time on day one at the front desk. Come to find out later that she was a teacher as well. We had a our work cut out for us and we knew it. She had us doing back stretching exercises in the form of push in and pushing out our vertebrae and continually doing it for quite a long time.

   I have found it so interesting how just doing these movements in class, it makes me go deeper into what I am running from in my own life or projecting into the world. We did and exercise that had us holding our arms up for about 3 minutes and it always gets to that point when your mind tells you to put them down, and we always have more energy then too. Its just that we give in because the ego tells us that we are not interested in this sort of pain or this kind of non comfort action. So I sat there and breathed into in and I kept them up the entire time without dropping them. Mind you, I was hurting, but was I?How much of that was me and how much of it was just my mind sending me false info?

   We did a meditation today that centered around the word "Gobinda". This means sustainer and that can be taken into many parts of our lives. Just the word alone is a positive one for me. We all chanted it and we made exaggerated moves with our mouths to make sure we were pronouncing it correctly and getting the full benefit as well. Lately we have been doing quite a few strange tongue things that have been challenging too. I had never ever been told to pant like a dog consistently for a long time. So with your tongue as far as it can go out, you breath in and out while holding that face. It is definitely a flattering facial posture to take, however, it felt good afterward and thats what counted. We truly moved in all directions today and I was feeling a little sore when I left the class.

   Once again I have to write this. The class went so fast today that I almost thought that my mind had played a trick on me. I was so engaged in it I guess, that I just used every moment to be focused on what was happening . Time was so irrelevant today. I am so thankful for my teacher. She always has a smile on her face and she always delivers the greatest energy. I cannot believe that I first met her just a few weeks ago. So she really put us through a couple of rigorous exercises, but they made sense....

   We had one particular relax time on the carpet today and those gongs came on again. Well the teacher hit then actually, but it was just funny to say it that way. It just really feels good to feel that energy flowing through the room an to know that this great instrument is taking care of us from the inside out and beyond. That is very nice to feel. My practice is feeling good. The muscles are building and I have 8 days to go of this challenge. I am up to it and welcoming the unknown. Thank you once again for being here..



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