Sorcha Wesson / Kundalini Day 3

 This day was yet another powerful one. I went for a short browse on the first floor of one of my favorite stores on this colorful earth, ABC Home in NYC near Union Square. The store just feels like home to me in so many ways. The creativity and the visuals and even the aroma in the store just mesmerizes me. There are 5 floors I believe and I never make it to all of them in one visit. Actually, I purposely do not even attempt to do that either. Today was especially magical because I was greeted by a very happy and engaging woman. She welcomed me into the store so well that I had to stop and ask her if everyone get such an exceptional greeting? She answered yes with no hesitation.

  I walked around on the first floor only for about 15 minutes before heading off to yoga. However, I could not leave without asking this awesome woman what she did when she was not in this store. She told me that she was a singer and that she is just starting out. Although she seemed so happy to tell me that she was a singer, she downplayed herself just a little bit and I had to lift her right back up and let her know that she was worth way much more. To make a long story short, she told me that she had a video on YouTube, but that it was not that good. As that sentence left her mouth, I remembered what someone had told me a few years ago. They told me that I should always be proud of the things that I put out in public to promote myself. They said if I was not crazy about it and willing to show everyone, then I should not have it out there.

  So we continued talking and when she told me that she posted a video of her singing in the car, I really thought that was cool. I mean how many people would post a video of themselves singing in a car? I thought it was gutsy, so I searched for it and I was successful. Take a look at Sorcha Wesson when you have a few minutes. I asked her what her name was when I was about to leave and she told me it was "Unique". I asked her if that was her birth name and she said yes. What an interesting life this is. Either way, give her a listen. I think she has a voice that could really do something. What a personality this girl has, for real......

  Well it was the 3rd day in a row of kundalini yoga in a row and all is moving right along on track. Did I mention that this is a challenging style of yoga? I believe that I have touched on that before. My teacher today was so gracious and kind. She and I had a talk before class and she was so very nice and had such a great smile. I believe the kriya today was "recharging yourself". Now let me tell you something before I go any further, these classes really go deep inside of you and make some things happen! I mean there I was creating all of this movement deep inside of my body and it felt so seriously necessary. We did an exercise that required us to hold our feet 12 inches off the ground and hold it there and my mind truly wanted to quit. I held on as long as I could, and then I dropped them. That was just one exercise. I did not judge myself for that though.

    The magic part of my practice was when we did a meditation while having our hands in the shape of a heart. It was called a "lotus mudra, if I remember correctly. We listened to some music and it kept repeating "reality, prosperity, and ecstasy. As we listened we raised our hands in this shape from our hearts to our mid forehead back and forth for at least 15 minutes or more. This was powerful and we carried it out with complete reverence. We were calling on abundance and all that we can manifest with a strong heart and mind. My lower back was tingling, yet each day is more progress. My mind and body are already changing.

   My 30 day journey will surely lift me to new heights. I am staying in the zone and remaining a student for as long as possible. This practice really goes deep quickly. I am so grateful for it and the heights that its about to take me to for sure. I wish you could feel what I am feeling. Time to sleep. Thank you for reading....



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