Mental Manifestation Rides Again / Kundalini Day 6

   I speak of how our thoughts and our words create our world all of the time. This is not my opinion, it is fact. All of the powerful and prolific writers, speakers, and visionaries that I study all agree on this principle. I have so many stories of this in my life that if I do not write a book on it, I will be doing myself and others a disservice for sure. Each and every time that I am in the midst of a situation that shows me how powerful and real manifestation is, I am beside myself as if it were the first time all over again. Sometimes it happens so quickly that the mind does not want to believe it, but you cannot deny it.There are no coincidences in this life.

   So I was on my way to the city today and I was on the phone with my father. I was describing a really high vibrational woman that I am interviewing on this site within the week. I told him that she was such a light of strength and happiness and is very attractive as well. So I told him that this woman was sent to me through another friend who lives in California. I do not mean like a new CD in the mail, I mean just told to contact me and that I would guide her in any way that I could. The even more interesting thing is that I met the first friend that I am speaking of because we were sitting at a communal table at a raw vegan food restaurant in NYC and just started talking. Our energies were very congruent and we had no choice but to speak. After we met and talked for a little while, I found out that she was a good friend of another one of my friend's in California as well. The circle just keeps developing. Great souls will always find each other. Distance is not a problem and never will be.

   Back to the story. So after I went underground and the call with my father had terminated, my mind was still focused on how this vibrant soul showed up in my life and I began to think of the series of events that took place once again. I also thought of what I could do to really help her to connect to the system and the right people here in the big town. I boarded the train and in a bout three stops from my initial starting point, the doors opened on the train and for some reason I looked up for the first time since I boarded the train. I looked to my right and my new friend walked on the train and I put my foot out to get her attention. She sat next to me and we spoke for the next 5 stops or so. I had to get off of the train before her. So why did she get on that train as well as the same car as me? The odds of that happening are way to low, yet, it happened as clear as day. She even had to go from Manhattan to Brooklyn to go to Queens, which is backtracking if you are not from NY. That was a magic meeting.

   My 6th day of kundalini was today and it was my first repeat of a teacher since I started. This man is just a walking ball of power, His voice, his posture, his presence, are all just great in my opinion. He has a very childlike demeanor about him, while still keeping a very direct approach to teaching. He chose some challenging exercises today and I went after them with all of my soul. One was an 11 minutes straight dancing opener. The rules were that we could not put our  feet on the ground together and that the hands must stay above the shoulders . One foot must always stay on the ground. I sweat and I closed my eyes, and I made it through. The other one that was strange to me was to put your palms together and squeeze them as tight as you can. This movement was said to release your toxic things in general by squeezing them out. It was so powerful that I could not feel my hands after for about 3 minutes.

   There were at least 45 people in the room and that was a direct change of energy. It was the largest attended class that I seen since I started. I was very minded about people possibly  Then as we did the next position, or attempted to go to the next level.. I got a medium sized big toe in my ear for just about 3 seconds and it was so funny that I could not even cause a problem to the person who did it. This was funny in its own way. I did give some possible thought to it ahead of time. We were all so close and with this little room, it was challenging. I met two more people as well today. The class was just so soothing.  I love the music that they play and the chanting is like having a vocal lesson or a complete relaxation at your fingertips. I had a great time today. So grateful...



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