Life Is Good, I Am Happy /Kundalini Day 12

  The teacher today was amazing. She is from the Dominican Republic and her energy is off the charts. I have practiced with her twice before today. She asked the class why we looked so serious and to smile and have fun!!! Then she said that life is good and that she was happy and she ramped up the class with that one sentence. We did some very interesting things today that were moving for my central nervous system. One thing that we did was to stick out our tongue and continue to stretch it forward as we placed our hands in a specific position on our laps. I know that sounds so strange, but let me tell you it made my neck feel something from the back that was so incredible that it just floored me. Once again I was surprised at yet another exercise that was new.

   We worked on the digestion system as well as our ability to follow through with that which is not comfortable. Were in a triangle pose and it was challenging for me because I have the tightest hamstrings on this planet. No matter how fit I feel, they give me challenges. I will loosen them this year for sure. At one point we walked around the room like elephants. What that means is that we held our ankles and walked around the room for about 5 minutes. It seemed so strange, but it was so worth it because of the challenge aspect. The breathing is ever present during each class and it is just so powerful. I mean I have never inhaled and exhaled so much in my entire life. It makes such a huge difference to your inside that I cannot describe it. When I leave class, I feel lighter every time.

   I have to mention an exercise that we also did later in the class. We took our hands and put them in front of our hearts as we tried to pull them in opposite directions. This created sort of a ringing out sensation. When you pull in either direction, but you are pulling against yourself, it feels so intense, yet you do get the sensation that toxins are leaving your body. This practice is really working my upper body in a major way. I know that we hold so much in our upper bodies , namely the arms and arm pits. They burned like a fireplace in the winter today, but I am grateful for the struggle, because I know that means I am growing. I some times think of the time that is left in class when I am struggling a little bit. It happened again today and then I caught it. I did not think about it anymore from that point and the rest of the class went by like a bolt of lightening.

   So today another moment slid past the gatekeeper so to speak. I was deep in a pose and I felt this tingle and then I shed two or three tears. Now this practice is so much about opening and cleansing, so I welcome it no matter what. I guess just like so many things in this life, we don't always know when we have things that need to be cleared. Although I am clear about where my heart is right now and what it has been through in the past 4 months or so, I still do daily work on myself and I am so strong right now. What an amazing time it has been since I have started this practice and I am so immensely elated that I am on this journey. I am so charged up by it and I feel so powerful because of it. I have no ill feeling for anyone at all. I do however, have some great intentions for myself.

   I forgot to mention that a woman came up to me today and asked me if I could spare a dollar. I stopped and looked at her and said hello. I then told myself that I would give her the first bill that I grabbed out of my pocket. That happened to be a 5 dollar bill. She was so happy and I could hear her saying thank you and goodbye to me for at least a block. I don't need to know why I did that or why she was in that place at that time. All I do know is that it felt so good and I am glad that I did it. The karmic seeds are always traveling through our lives. We can never plant too many of them on any given day. My eyes are heavy. Be well



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