Kundalini Rising


  Good day!!!! Well this year is kicking off quite wonderfully because I am choosing that for myself. I mentioned that I normally do a 30 day Bikram Challenge for myself at the beginning of the year. Well, the universe has decided differently for me. I am currently in the space of kundalini for 30 days. As they say, its only impermanence that we need to come to terms with in our lives.I studied kundalini a bit online and I found that it is rooted more in breathing and strengthening the mind and getting the third eye stronger. This allows us to deal with the challenges that we face in a smoother fashion. I have known about this practice for years actually, I just never got into it. I always require some sort of challenge in my life at any given time. This is conducive to my star sign I understand.

   Yesterday was my first class and it was very different. For starters, there is no intense heat as there was in Bikram. Also, the energy in the room was more of a softly lit cozy coffee shop vibe. The teacher actually had a video from a trip to the Himalayas playing at the beginning of the class as well for at least 10 minutes, which was different too. I am not used to having anything but possibly an IPod in the room for some soft music to play. The class started out with a chanting of a particular mantra as well which was nice in its own way. I had heard people say that kundalini was religious and that they did not like the chanting and so on and so forth. My bottom line with almost everything, go try it and believe what you believe, trust no other opinion until you experience it first hand. Just for future knowledge, yoga is not religion, its awareness and union.

   The class was very challenging to say the very least. I say this because it really challenged what the mind sees as possible physically almost right away. We did an exercise that had us stretch our arms to either side and hold them there in mid air while we chanted another mantra. The mind tells you that you are tired and to put your arms down, but you are required to ignore the pain and not let it distract you. We were sitting on our feet as we did this and we were allowed to let our hands flop down, but to keep our arms straight from side to side. We must have held them there for about 4 minutes or so. It was all about the third eye.

   The dress was very nice as well. There were a few people dressed in all white, including the teacher. He was a older man with a long white beard that stretched down almost to his mid chest. What an interesting looking man. I found out later when I came home that white is said to expand your aura by eight inches in each direction. That is one of the coolest facts that I had ever heard in yoga. It is said that white deflects negativity and slows down negativity within us as well. I thought about that and it brought me back to when I was in Greece and wore white almost daily. I did feel calmer and I did feel a sense of vibrancy that came out in a noticeable way. White has always been a favorite of mine any way.

    There were some small changing rooms , but no showers like in Bikram. I did not sweat that much anyway, but I had grown accustomed to the after yoga shower. I also noticed that most people did their practice directly on the carpet, even though they offered either a mat or a towel for a $1 donation. They also had pillows, blocks, and water if you needed them. I also noticed that the average age in the room was about 45 or so, which was really not a surprise. Their was also some sort of chai offered after the class for whomever wanted to partake in it. So all in all, it was an intense amount of breathing, or "the breath of fire", as it is called. I was challenged and my mind was a bit resistant to say the least. I felt it and I carried on any way.

    Day 2 is today and I have decided to keep my kundalini journal right here on this page as opposed to writing it in a traditional book. I will take the thirty days and transfer it in to a physical form afterwards to give others my personal insight on the practice. It may even be interesting to try a different type of yoga every month during this year. I will think on that. The day is open and full of wonderful opportunities and I am sure of that. I am off to dive into the pond and get wet if you know what I mean?

    Thank you for being here. By the way, I did not receive even one entry for the goals challenge that I posted a few days ago. That is fine though, I will stay focused on my own and I will update you on the progress as it happens. This is going to be a very powerful year for me in so many ways. More writing more giving, more sharing, less clutter, less want and need, more love of self, less compromise with my integrity. I appreciate you all. Please comment below if you have anything at all to say...



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