It's All Within / Kundalini Day 16


  Today was a simply gorgeous day in the studio in so many ways. Firstly, there were 3 different giant squares that were temporarily tattooed on the carpet by the sun when I entered the room. The sun was beaming in and there were two yogis on the carpet already. One was in the left square and one was on the right. So I took the place on the carpet in the middle. We were all surrounded by our own sun square. I noticed also that the class was very small today. It was 18 degrees outside and it felt like 6 degrees. Just the fact that I was there and did not even care about the cold gave me a sense of accomplishment.

   I loved how the sun felt on my face as I took some time to relax and to focus on easing my way into the energy of the class. We did a couple of exercises that dealt with raising the legs to begin with and they were a bit difficult for me to say the least. Each day is another way of testing my strength and resilience for sure.

   The teacher told us today that the main theme  would be strengthening your power within you. She said that we are constantly looking outside of ourselves to create calmness or to get answers about our life. The exercises kept us focused on our personal power. I have heard it many times over. We have everything that we need right now inside of us, we just have to call on it to work for us. That person that we love or that car that we have to have or that impression that we have to make is not the answer. We are the answer.

  There was a word that we chanted today called "makunde", which means liberator. We spent the 90 minutes training the body to get the concept of being and allowing ourselves to guide ourselves from within.

   Interestingly enough, later she told me that this kriya was called, "Firing Up Your Metabolism". My body hurt as I left today and I was moving slower than when I went into the class. The good news though,is that where there is hurt, there is growth. I am excited for what's to come. Onward



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