Giving To Others / Kundalini Day 14

  I can honestly say that I have been concerned about giving to others for as long as I have been born based on what I saw as a child and all the way through to becoming an adult. However, since I have been doing kundalini daily, it has ramped up even further. We are constantly doing exercises that take any selfish behavior that you may have and demolish it. I found myself pouring chai for the next four people after class today, before I poured myself a cup. If you remember a few posts back or so, I wrote that someone had poured a cup for me before themselves and how that was a nice feeling to be on the receiving end of such a gesture. It just feels good to be thought of and/or taken care of by another human being. The trick to that little anecdote is that we cannot fall into an area where we expect it from everyone or even from those who may do it regularly. We are human beings that continue to change and grow in very different ways in some instances. The moment we expect too much, that is when the house of cards starts to fall. So what do we do? We continue to show up as authentic and on purpose as we possibly can with as many people as we possibly can.

   Class was very crowded today as it has been for two weekends now. I love it when its full actually, because the chanting sounds fuller and more intense and you are more aware of yourself spatially as well. A brazilian woman asked me if I was from Brazil this afternoon after class. She said that she heard me say."Oy!". This means hello in her language or is a form of hello. Actually what I said was "OK?". I was making sure that the girl behind me had enough room to stretch out if she needed to. It just goes to show once agin that someone is always watching, or listening. We did some tough upper body exercises today mixed with some mantras that were beautiful. I had a moment today before class that was very humbling. I watch a woman in the front row as she was warming up her body with some leg lifts. Her hands were on her upper chest folded and she must have done at least 40. As sure as I am writing this, the woman was at least 60, which is not old by any stretch. The point is that she did theme effortlessly and I was very impressed by this. It seems that this practice really breaks down walls and lets you know that we can conquer anything.

   I tend to look around at the class, before we begin, and just remain fascinated by the diverse walks of life that are in the room. We had an age gap from like 18 top 65 or so in the class today. I really enjoy the fact that all of these ages are practicing together. It takes the excuses away and opens up the portholes of possibility. The woman that was doing those legs lifts probably has the middle section of a woman 20 years her junior and I am not playing at all. So my upper body is tingling daily now, so I know that I am growing.My breathing has taken a different path since beginning this yoga as well. We must do about 250 breathes of fire a day and I am so thankful for it. If you have some time, look up the breathe of fire and read about it. I love how it cleanses the soul in its roundabout way.

    Well, I am on course. I don't have too much else to say, except, this morning I almost did not go to yoga today. My body told me to get up and do it anyway. My practice is not a burden at all, but my mind tells me it is at times. If you can sit in a room for 90 minutes and create openings for yourself and allow your mind to quiet itself, you are a headed for much bigger tasks, yet you will also have stronger muscles with which to lift them. I am experiencing something very moving right now that I cannot really fully explain. When I am in that room of so many like minded people, it lets me know that none of us have to compromise or settle. Those who are on another wave length and criticize us for being cause in the matter of our own spiritual rescue are struggling as well. They are taking care of it by blocking it out or denying it and we face it by exposing it and working to alleviate it. Both paths challenge us, but only one way eventually solves the issues or quiets it down to a hush.



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