Elevation / Kundalini Day17

  It was about 12 degrees today, which makes coming to class even more pleasurable in some twisted way. I was there with a mere 5 others and we were all connected in such a special way. The teacher even said that it was the first time that she had seen everyone all in the front of the class. She loved it and she told us so. At the start of class we were informed that we were going to work on bringing the energy from our chakras up and through the body. I really loved the sound of that for sure. There is so much moving of the energy in this practice and that is what is keeping me so excited about it I think. If you are curious about chakras, please read about it online. It is really fascinating information.

  I am beginning to see some repeat exercises in the classes now which is refreshing in some ways. I am getting to concentrate more on the mechanics of some of them. But what is so consistent is that breath of fire. We are always breathing in and out and it really does move things inside you. I feel like I have breathed in and out a million times, seriously. I had to use the straps today because of the tightness of my inner legs and hamstrings, but it was no problem. I feel them changing. We did so much opening today and it was really wonderful. The more that I use my legs in these positions, the better. I have a goal to place my hands comfortable flat on the floor between my legs by Jan 1, 2014. I will do it, I am certain of it.

  The vibe was peaceful today in class. This particular teacher has great smiles and great delivery. I have something good to say about all of the teachers and that is really a sound blessing. We were told to send thoughts of warmth and compassion to someone that we wished well today and I chose my person right away as if it were obvious. It was a nice feeling to push energy in this persons direction without question. We do choose our energy each and every day.  I am really only interested in the good energy that will bring me up and inspire others. We twisted and turned and lifted and chanted and it was just very moving as it has been each and every time. The thing that I like the most about this experience is that I am learning more about my mental limits and my emotions all at the same time.

   There was a woman next to me today that always has such fluid and open energy and she and I speak regularly now. Its really a gift to be connecting with the other yogis at this point. I mean it has been 17 days now, so I guess its not that crazy right? I am noticing that the time is just flying by now and I am more focused now than I was even 5 days ago. Its like a new thread is being created from the inside out and it is in fact elevating me. There was definitely some movement from below to the top of my head taking place today. It was like a small army of soldiers jogging in formation who were very diligent about reaching their destination as a unit.

   We were introduced to a prosperity mantra today that i found very intriguing. It was called The Green Monster Prosperity Mantra I believe. So we had our hands in a fist like formation, while our arms were bent with our fists almost touching in front of our chest. We then chanted a specific word that sounds like "HUD". We did this for 11 minutes. This is said to change your life from a money or financial sense and bring lots of prosperity if done 40 days or so in a row every day for those 11 minutes. This is one of many kriyas or chants that we do to awaken our souls and minds. I am telling you without question that it is shifting me just to be in this room with such a high level of consciousness.

   I write quite often about tears being released during or after the class. Well today at the end of class, it happened again. I actually do not remember ever crying as much as I have this past year or so throughout my entire life. I am a happy soul who thrives on a good hearty attitude and a love for the human spirit. This is why I know that I am changing through this practice. It s a cleansing of sorts. All that I have been denying from the perspective of being either afraid or proud, or emotionally broken is coming out little by little like the slow leak on a high performance Volvo tire. My practice is coming along so well. I am so happy to be here right now. My eyes are heavy. Have a great day and keep challenging your assumptions about what is possible. Thank you for reading....



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