Captain Karma / Ego Erraticism / Kundalini Day 13


     The head owner and teacher taught today as he does on every Saturday. There is something about this man that makes me stand at attention inside. It may be his positive nature or his smile, or maybe even his passion to deliver the guidance that he does so well. He has been doing this for over 40 year as as I understand it. I guess if you do something for that long and don't love it or have some sort of passion for fit, you are probably not in the right field correct? I can only say that he makes me want to know everything that there is to know about this amazing practice. I respect him immensely.

       So class starts and we do our usual mantra and then we go into an exercise and this music comes on and once again I am very taken by surprise. The sound is in a country style and the name of the song is "Captain Karma". You guessed it, the words were all about karma and how you cannot escape it and how it is always in motion. The words were so great and the  fact that they were in a country style made it even more interesting. So the song was on and I could not help but smile and it made this particular part of the class that more enjoyable. We were working on the power of the ego today and it was just so strong to concentrate on it. .

      It is the ego that always takes us to that place were we don't really want to go. To the place that tells us that we are not enough, or that we are not strong enough, or even worse, that it is everybody else's fault and not ours. We actually did some movements that were designed to take the ego down from its pedestal. As we did these movements I began to think about my own ego and how it has served me and/or  hindered me just in the last year alone. I came up with a few times that had come and gone and then I realized that I could not bring them back either into focus or to resolution. They were gone, never to return, and that was that. All that I can do is navigate from here and be as mindful as I can going forward. Once we are open to understanding this concept, I believe that it will serve us beyond belief. I am ready to have that experience in my life in every direction.

    My teacher today said something that really moved me and I let him know. He said, "When you are met with attitude reach for altitude." I asked him, where he had heard that and he told me that his teacher had told him this many year ago. It made me think of some time that I did not do that this year and I got it. Again, we cannot go back in any situation to make it better. I sat with that and took a deep breath so that it could flow through me. He said that his teacher was king of the one liners. I will carry that one with me for quite a long time. Its basically a reworking of concepts that I am familiar with, yet it speaks to me directly in a way that I can really latch onto. I like this very much.

    At this point in my practice, I am most concerned with my hamstrings,. They are tight and have been my focus for a very long time. So I commit to reading up on what I can do to open them up, thus opening up other parts of myself. I know that tightness or blockage in our bodies is more than just tightness. There is almost always another reason that is also connected to our mind. I will learn as much as I can about it as soon as I can. At the very least, this practice is making me more excited about clearing things up that are blocking me more than ever.

    I must say that the class went so fast today. It almost felt as if he had cut it short. I also noticed that when we all chanted together and did a beautiful mantra, the class was the most out of synch that I had ever heard them be since I have started practicing. Then I caught myself. I told myself that although we are all apart of the whole, I was only responsible for me in that moment. The teacher reminded us today that we were not there for perfection in any exercise. We were there to take the experience that we came to get. He told us that we will never all experience the same thing no matter how long we practice kundalini. I of course needed to hear that because the guy next to me had hamstrings like rubber bands. Peripheral vision can be a crutch sometimes. Love the life you live. If you don't, then create a new one.




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