Boot Camp / Kundalini Day 10

 Each day I bring you the feelings and the insights from my ongoing journey. So I have to be transparent and let you know that yesterdays class was more like a boot camp than the normal class. I say that jokingly of course, but it was a serious 90 minutes yesterday. I was loving the teacher again, as I did the last time, but wow, she put us through it. She explained that there was a purpose though, and that purpose was to hold on and to get through things when they are not smooth and going your way. We did a few exercises that tested our cores and we even did quite a few back bends as well. The best thing was that we danced again. I had mentioned dancing with your eyes closed before in another posting. Well, she came into the room and the her first question was, "Is everybody ready to dance?' I thought that was a great question to start a class with on any day. Shortly afterwards, we danced.

   Now when any of us has danced, we usually use our entire body as much as we can correct? Well how about dancing in a seated position using only your arms and upper body? This is beyond challenging and it wakes your body up in an entirely different way. We must have done it for about 15 minutes or so and then we took a short rest. The actual moving around from a seated position may sound strange to you and thats understandable. The key here is that we had to move with the facility that we had and nothing more. My arms burned and my chest was very warm and fluid. By the way, we were told to keep our hands above are shoulders the entire time. That puts a nice spin on it to say the very least. The bottom line was, I was struggling while doing something that I loved. The magic in that was that I did make it through and it was worth it without a doubt.

    After we left the floor, we danced on our feet and we still kept our hands above our head and it remained challenging. The strength that I am building in my arms is growing day by day. I also know that we carry so much tension in our arms , so this was a necessary exercise any way I look at it. I left this class sweaty for the first time since I started. I was used to sweating profusely when I did Bikram yoga, however, I was not having that experience in this practice until yesterday. I enjoyed it though for many reasons and I knew that my body was working. We also do this fun little movement where you lay on your back and you rub your hands and your feet together at the same time like a monkey, and its so much fun. I love that little connection of the hands and feet. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. We also did cobra pose and triangle together in an exercise and it really hit home.

    I dont think that I have written about this before, however, there is this breathing that we do that is exactly like when you see a dog panting and its also very cleansing as it moves all of the toxic energy out of your body. You have to be careful or you will drool like a dog too, but that's just a little sidebar information for all you aspiring Kundalini peeps!!! I felt it almost happen yesterday and it was mildly amusing that I almost did that on my shirt, close call!!! The collective feeling from all of the exercises that we did dug deep into me and my body still feels it today.

   Lastly, I wanted to let you all know about my trip into the studio yesterday. I am a stickler for time. I have not been late for one class yet, because it truly matters to me that I am on time and present. However, yesterday, I thought that I was going to be late. The train was slow and then stopped at one point for a good 5 minutes. That is like an hour to a New Yorker, by the way. Long story short, I arrived at the studio with 10 minutes to spare. That is a bit too close for comfort for me. But here is where the sweet spot is. At a certain point in my train ride, I told myself that I would be on time and that all would work out. I told myself that I would be in the class at the right time and then I released it. Guess what happened next? The class was supposed to start at 2, but the teacher was 15 minutes late. So even if I had taken 10 more minutes, I would have still made it on time to actually start the class. This is a skill that I am becoming so good at. Just flowing and not adding any energy that pushes me into a direction of failure or non belief. As I sat there on the carpet I heard a woman say that this teacher is always late, so its not a big deal. I wanted to say something, but I knew that it was not appropriate so I remained quiet. I just let her stay in her own reality and I stayed in mine. Take this day by storm....

    By the way, how are you feeling? What is this daily reading doing for you in your life? I would love to hear from as many of you as possible no matter where you live. Just write to me in your language and I will translate it so that I can understand.Please comment below, or send me an email to my personal box at Thank you



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