Aura Cleansing / Kundalini Day 9

    When you step into this studio, there is so much to learn about yourself that it's almost overwhelming to say the very least. As I walked into the class, a woman was giving a small class on the different components of our being and it was just amazing. She spoke if how we are combinations of negative and positive energy and how we are doing yoga to achieve balance within our lives. This was not the yoga teacher, it was another woman who usually takes care if things at the front desk. So my class began with a mini class filled with awesome info.

     I have developed a liking for one teacher in general at the center. She just smiles so brightly during her class and I get the feeling that she really does care about my progress in a very authentic way. She speaks to me very time that I see her and she always has some heart opening information. The kriya of the class was cleansing and strengthening the aura. There was an exercise that we did that had us taking our cupped hands and bent arms over our head to reach as far back as we could for about 15 minutes. It was very challenging and my arms burned. It really did feel as though something ha happened though. I left feeling so renewed in a sense. My body felt clearer. Every time we do an exercise that hurts a little, I know that I am getting stronger.

    The class yesterday had about 6 people in it, so the feeling in the room was very open and personal. The time went by very quickly and I was at peace with my progress and state of mind. I am entering my 10th day today and its exciting. This inner glow that is developing is truly so intense. I love the connection that is thickening within me. I am dealing with the voices in ny head. You know the ones I am speaking of dont you? The ones that tell you how far you can go and how much you can handle? Yes, those are the ones. Pushing our comfort zone out is the best thing that we can do for ourselves. It just stings so much at times that it seems like more of a bad idea than a good one.

     My practice yesterday was a big challenge. I must have done 250 breathes of fire and it really pushed out a ton of toxic energy. I breathed in and out so many times, it felt like someone had taken a handful of Vicks vapor rub and pushed it into my nose!!! Sit with that for a moment! I was just tingling. I was in another space for sure..

     Today is a new practice with new possibilities and I am ready for them. Whatever awaits me in the class is what I require for sure. The magic in this day is just dying to get to me. I can feel that and I am open to it. Take time with yourself and your thoughts today. The works is not out to get you, it's out to serve you. I know this for sure. Thank you for being here..



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