Adrenalidney / Kundalini Day 24


  The class yesterday was challenging from a few different perspectives. we actually did some exercises that I had not done before and they were very soul stimulating to me. In this practice, we do movements that jar the body and wake up things all over your system. I am doing more work with  my upper body right now than I have ever done in my entire life or so it seems. I like it though, because the daily movement is creating strength from the inside and out. I have noticed in the past few days that my body is starting to look a little bit different when I have no clothes on. We all get to see our bodies and how they change form one time to another. I am a slender and muscular build and have been for some time. Now what I am noticing is some further definition specifically within my core. This makes me happy and I know that its because of the daily practice and small increments of growth. It very exciting.

  Many times during the class, the teacher has us squeeze our groin area or sex organ and it really makes a difference in a big way. I had always read how squeezing this area many times during the day was healthy for you in so many ways and now it is something that I am doing daily at least 20 times or so. I believe its called "kegels".This mixed with the breath of fire has cleansed me in this 25 days or so. Today being my 25th day to practice in a row. It just makes me think about how many ways we have at our disposal to take care of ourselves, yet many people medicate from the outside in and that is more common than it has ever been right now. Those people in that class are so calm and so dedicated to this practice and it is truly a joy to practice with them each and every day. No matter what class I take, I am familiar with at least 50 percent of the class or more and they really make it a pleasure by just being there. If I did not talk to them at all, I could still feel their energy.

   What I appreciated most about yesterdays class was the extra knowledge that she gave us on how the body is carrying energy which in turn created a high vibrational spirit. She spoke of the difference between a person just sitting there feeling stress and not moving and the person who is out running or walking. Our bodies love to me in motion because that is how we cleanse and keep the adrenaline flowing. So I have to come clean now about the title of this posting. Yesterday we work from a kriya that was focused on the adrenaline system and the kidneys. I love this combination of topics, so I created that word. I did feel like I could do twice as much as I left class and I was on the move directly after the class. I walked about 20 blocks to a music rehearsal and I got there rather quickly. So If that tells you anything about the strength of the class, it was powerful.

   Its a beautiful day and I am on my way to give my body another dose of deliciousness...Be well



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