Active Awareness / Kundalini Day 19


  The snow is all over the ground, not too much, just enough. The day was cold again and it slows the city down a little bit which I think is just great. I attended "Anderson Cooper Live" this morning and once again it was so good. Those people are just the nicest, most present people that you would ever want to know. As far as Anderson goes, he is just a class act. He comes in and just acts like himself with no filler and that is what makes him a true professional. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.
   This evening I had a yoga teacher that I had never seen before, go figure. I have also never gone to class in the evening before today. Now I have written many times about how different class in each time that I walk in that room. Well tonight it was different yet again. This teacher was quite a mellow and soft hearted person. She smiled quite a bit and she also had an interesting flow at the same time. We really did not do too many poses for a long time. This class was full of diversity and short, yet powerful movements. She continually told us to just observe how our body was feeling during the flow. I found that to be a great thing to do. The kriya today was based on the glandular system and so we did a lot of twists and shifting from left to right. I even thought I was a bit dizzy at one point.

   I judged myself a little bit in class today and I can openly admit it for sure. I just did not feel as though  I was all there in body or in spirit. My mind wandered in and out of the moment at hand and I could feel it. It happens to all of us and that is for certain. I was just not feeling that I was operating properly. So I kept my eyes closed and I soldiered on. The class did go by very quickly though and that was a blessing in its own way. It was a fairly crowded class and there were some new faces that I had never seen as well, which I always like. New energy is just so nice in my opinion.

   Though I do not believe that there were too many new movements in the class today, it was challenging because the speed was different in between the positions and the chanting was different as well. There was a woman next to me that looked like she was Punjabi, who was singing so beautifully during the chanting and I found myself harmonizing with her. I am sure that she could hear it. I loved doing that!!!The singing in the class is so relaxing and so beautiful as well. I have a few Cd's in my collection with some hauntingly beautiful chanting on it as well. I enjoy the message behind the songs.

   Well tomorrow will be my 20th day and I have a challenge to overcome. I am supposed to be at a very important gathering/seminar and there is only one class tomorrow at 11 I believe. This is during the time that I should be at the seminar. Like most things in this life, a fork in the road arrives and you have to take the road that calls to you right? Well, this will be a tough one for me. I really am not sure just what to do, I am committed to this practice and I am passed the halfway mark. I want to follow through first and foremost with my word to myself. What good is a challenge without a little test right? I have to sleep on this one.

    My body is sore and I am in desperate need of a full body massage. Time to light the candles and do a short meditation. Much love and abundance to you all...


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