Abundance And Prosperity / Kundalini Day 8


  This practice is getting way up inside of me!!! All the magic happened in the class yesterday for sure. I felt really connected inside .The class was full of some key exercises as well as a mini lesson on abundance and prosperity. I study both of these words quite a few times per week without a doubt. The great part about it though, is that I never get tired of hearing the concepts and what keeps them alive. The teacher said something today that resonated with me once again. He said its fine to ask the universe for that new BMW, however, what if the universe was just preparing to give you a fleet of Maserati cars. In other words, give the universe some room to give you other things as well. For instance, if you want a BMW and you also love the Mercedes, and you also love the Porsche. Then the universe can open up its possibilities for you so there is more of a chance of you getting what you want. I thought that was a great piece of advice.

   As I settle into this practice, it seems that I am calmer and I am more aware of the energy that is around me.More people said hello to me in class than ever since I have started practicing at this studio. I also greeted more of the students than I did before. None of these people have to greet me, however they did it with a smile on and it was a great feeling. This practice causes you to feel the burn and move through it anyway. My body shakes and wants to buckle and shifts from side to side. This is a growing period and I am dealing with it that exactly that way. I was very calm when I entered the building and I was even calmer when I left. What a peaceful evening it was. I am also noticing that the exercises that deal with my upper body, namely my arm sockets and so forth are challenging me the most. My mind tells me that I need to do more sit ups and push ups to strengthen that area. The other side of me is telling me that I am holding stress and fear there. That little voice inside is a diligent little monster.

   I am always so moved by those from the Indian culture. They seem to be receiving life's energies from a different channel. Whenever I am around a person from India, I get the feeling that they have it all under control. I know that is just the voice inside of my head, because we all have our problems, doubts, and imbalances. Its just that there is something there that I become present to and I always tune in a little bit closer. There are a few Indian yogis in the class at all times and I really enjoy their energetic contributions. On another level, I am being exposed to so many different walks of life in this one little room, that its mind boggling. I see every age and every creed and every aesthetic on the carpet each and every day.

   I met the teacher/owner of the studio yesterday and the exchange was very powerful for me. I had mentioned a while back that he is such an intense energy, yet whimsical and very friendly at the same time. He told the class about how his wife has stood by him for a very long time and how he so appreciated her. When his bank account had it zero, she was still there. When she was so upset with him, she stayed on the ride. When she didn't understand one of his choices, she still remained. I just had to bring that up because of how he related to her. I thought that was such a shining example of the power of true and unconditional love. This concept is truly not understood by the masses.

   The messages that were offered to us yesterday were strong, vivid and well worth listening to. It was a yoga practice mixed with priceless information. The statement that also stuck out to me was when he said that as we become more attractive and calm our desires down to nothing, the universe will then bring to us all of our desires. That was a huge moment for me. Firstly, because I believe it whole-heartily, and secondly because I always appreciate the reminder.

    As I left class, I was in the elevator with and Indian woman, go figure right? She and I spoke on the way down and once again, the energy from her was just intense. She had a very cool name as well. I will not expose her here without knowing if its ok with her, but she was so open. We spoke about Bollywood movies and how it was to be here in NYC. Great presence, nice spirit. All is well. The day has begun again...Possibilities are spilling out like a bag of marbles with a new whole in it....




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