A Collective Consciousness / Kundalini Day 7

  Each day that I walk through this amazing city, there is something to see and to feel. I arrived early to my class today. I am early every day, but today I could not get into the studio because there was no one there yet. But wait, let me back up a little bit. This morning was the first morning that I almost did not go to class. As many of you have experienced so many times before, there always comes that morning when your body tells you to retreat and be lazy. This day was today for me and it almost got me, but it did not in the end. I used my extra minutes in the neighborhood of the studio to take some great manual camera shots that came out so cool, I believe they did anyway. The camera is manual, so I have no idea until I see them live. It was just nice to wander and just notice the detail and the serene nature of the amazing architecture in the Flatiron District. Mind you, I walk this area all of the time, however, when you look up and just spin your head around, you always see things that you did not see before. I had a great time, I really did.

   So today was even more crowded than Saturday's class. This required me to focus a little bit harder because of the fact that people are so close to you while you practice. When you lay down, its possible to hit someone or possibly brush by another yogi. This is not a problem really, its nice to know that others are nearby in the grand scheme of things. I did get a toe in my hear at one point, but its not a perfect life is it? The teacher entered the room with kind of a stern demeanor, yet she lightened up right away and made some jokes and got us into a tremendously good practice. At a certain point, she asked a few people to give out some rings that we would use for proper balance and some straps as well. It seemed that the people who were handing them out just gave some to the students in the front area. Our teacher then said that the people in the back should not have to walk up front to get these things. This was a clue. She asked the class if they knew what the age of Aquarius will bring special attention to? Not one person guessed it and then she said that it would be collective consciousness.

   This statement sparked all sorts of thoughts in my head. She wanted to get across to everyone that we are all extensions of each other and that it was in our best interests to serve others as if they were us. There is a silent yet not so silent movement that will gather us closer together and that we should do what we could to contribute to it. I truly enjoyed the sentiment fully and I am on that path myself. It seems at times we feel that people owe us something, when in actuality, we owe the world more of our greatness to spread around onto others. If there is something that we do well, we should spread it around. If we can help another human being by doing something so simple as helping a mother carry a carriage up some NY subway stairs, we should do it. No good deed goes unnoticed and no good deed is too small to affect another.

    I had two more random conversations with some new people today and it felt good. I have always been a fan of meeting new people either way, but in this setting its even more soothing. There is without a doubt a certain vibe that these yogis carry with them and its laced with peace and compassion. We did a pose today that had us sit crossed legged and take our fists and point them up, but no higher than our chest. We had to act like we were punching up but then stop our fists and put our bodies off of the floor. It was intense because you could feel your body lifting up off the ground and then falling back on your butt. This exercise was meant to let us know about pulling ourselves out of our way or mustering up the strength to raise up as I remember. This is why this style of yoga is making me happy. You don't know what they will ask of you, yet its always geared to clearing or opening something or another. That is just the best thing anyone could ask for at the end of the day.

    I tested myself at the end of the class. I guess in hindsight it wasn't really a test, we'll call it being fully aware of caring for others. I was in line to go to the bathroom and there were 2 people in front of me. One person entered, and then there was one. Then when that person came out, I allowed the girl behind me to go first. Then when she came out, I allowed the guy behind me to go first. This is not a huge thing and I am not trying to blow my own horn here, its just that these are the little things that change the consciousness in my opinion. I was having a conversation the other day about Lance Armstrong with a good friend. We both agreed that when there is too much access to power, the person on the receiving end has to be ten times as mindful and present to not let it get out of hand. I am a Lance Armstrong fan, by the way. I  do not know the truth about what happened, I do however know that a very strong collective consciousness has followed him for a very long time that said something was not right. So how can you change that? The first thing that comes to mind is to do what is right. If at this point he has chosen that, then so be it. Even Lance is human. I did not intend to digress into that topic, but I want to keep it real here.

    So there you have it. Kundalini is opening up my system like a surgeon about to perform open heart surgery. I am looking at things clearer and with more detail. I am also becoming even more aware of my thoughts. Before I go, I want to ask all of you a random question that is going to come completely out of left field. When you hug someone that you really care about, does it matter to you who pulls away first or if the person closes their eyes or not? I encountered this today and it made me think a little deeper about this. I was fully engaged in the hug, however, I gave off a vibe that I was not fully present  and it was brought to my attention. This was frustrating at first, but then I got it. What we say and how we say it and when we say it does matter. I have known this for quite a while, however, its different with each and every person. What are your thoughts on this? Please comment on the bottom. I am grateful for the people who care enough for me to give me this feedback. I learn so much from those who are in relationships that can give me some useful feedback that I can use in my life. If you remember, the next time that you hug someone, stay just a few more seconds in silence. That extra time could be doing more good than you can imagine. Onward and upward....



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