2 Amazing Books / Kundalini Day 2

   Now I love to read and that is just something that has been one of my traits for years now. I come from a trio of intelligent parents that were always book smart during my entire childhood and beyond. These two books that you see above are truly game changers. Now when I say that these books can cause you to have a different perspective on your every day life, I mean it. Let me be very clear here, a book is just a collection words that you read and then go on with your life. My point in saying this is that everyone will take different things from these books and that is a wonderful thing. I recommend them because I believe that they speak to the majority of people that have to deal with every day struggles or blocks or even just life in general.

    The Buddha Walks into a Bar...: A Guide to Life for a New Generation. This book is for the spiritual but not religious people. There is some very real and straight ahead talk about life from many different angles and it really gets to the heart of many matters. I like it because of the way it is written in a very conversational way. There are no over the top, high level, out of the box statements. It just reels you in and you come away with some useful information from each and every chapter guaranteed.

    The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace. I am a huge Don Miguel Ruiz fan.  This man really knows how to give you information that you can use now and it is done so well that you will find yourself buying all of his books afterwards. I have two of his books next to my bedside and I have used them many times. I got this one from the library and it will be purchased soon as well. I can say so much about this book, but I will let you read it for yourself. In short, it gives you some benchmarks that will make your life dance and your soul sing if you can master them. It has given me so much clarity with so many issues.

    Now on to my second day of practicing kundalini. There was a female teacher today that was such a strong, yet soft energy all at the same time. Her clothing was just as great as the teacher a day before. She wore this white outfit with blue infused all over her chest and it was just gorgeous. These white outfits are just so soothing. The class was not as crowded as the one yesterday. There were a nice amount of people and the energy was high. I had another challenging day and this one was seriously heart opening. We practiced a Kriya that concentrated on the heart. Loving yourself and having compassion for others no matter what were the main focuses. A Kriya is an automatic movement, vocalization, or action that is part of the Kundalini clearing the karma held in the energy body.

    This class was so very heart opening and my back was tingling for most of the class. At a certain point in the class I felt some warm energy go through my body and then BAM!!!!!!! Just like that tears came out of my head like a newborn in a crib. It was at this moment that I knew I had made the right choice for my thirty days of yoga. I tried to keep it quiet because the class was engaged in their practice, but I knew that my body had just sent me a signal. It was a release cry that I needed for sure. So I leaned into it and let it do what it had to do. The class had a second focus of breaking through the barriers of what we think is possible about our abilities. The message was to go beyond your current belief of what you can do. Well both of those themes could not have been placed in my soul on a better day. I was right where I was supposed to be and I could feel it.

    Upon leaving the class, I looked down on a circular bench and I saw one of Don Miguel's books entitled The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) . This of course made me happy, so I asked the woman who was closest to the book if she was reading this book and she was in fact the owner of the book. I introduced myself and so did she. This woman was full of light and her aura was very strong. As I explained how this author really affects me, she was just as happy with what was in the book. She was going in to class and I was coming out. I gave her my card and told her that we should speak about the book another time. I could tell that there was more to say from both parties. This was a very nice meeting.

    Kundalini is a challenging style of yoga, and I am so glad that I am involved in it. Today when my eye lids went for a swim, I knew that I was moving in the right direction. Its a bit weird at first to just start crying for no reason. I was just fine and then I was deep sea diving in water world. I guess that is how it goes. Actually , the truth is that it was for a reason. I will keep showing up and stepping up the this challenge. What a day it has been. Thank you again for all of your support.




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