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A Festival Of Goals

I am writing this because the beginning of every year is when you hear the word "resolution" the most from my viewpoint. We all want to change something about ourselves and we want to do it as quickly as possible more so than not. But how about this incredible fact. Did you know that 25 percent of all new year's resolutions are broken in the first week? How about this one, 80 percent of all gym memberships that start on Jan 1st are cut down to almost a hush in the first 8 weeks!!! That being said, I know that setting goals can be very tricky. I myself have set goals that I did not reach, only to find out that I was unrealistic with myself from the very beginning. I just thought of another part of my life that concept can apply to, but I will not go there. So lets not cal them resolutions. Let's cal them goals or plans this year.

   A very wise person once told me that if you want to succeed in reaching your goals, tell as many people as possible about it and write…

TWENTY THIRTEEN /How Do You See Me?/Tough Love Smack Down

The year has finished and the year has begun all in one breath, or so it seems. This year has been the toughest year and the fastest year of my life. I have said this in past posts and I have just said it again because it has been a whirlwind for me. on many levels. We need to be dragged through the mud from time to time to make sure that we stay grateful for our lives and the power that is harnessed within them. Our choices are always are own, end of story. I made some decisions this year that truly taught me some valuable lessons. I also did not make some decisions that my gut told me to, and I paid for them dearly. The good news is that I am still here, standing like a gladiator from a medieval movie. I am stronger, wiser, lighter, more aware, and most of all more loving of myself. This will surely translate into more love for others in due time.

    I feel as though time had its way with me in 2012 and I allowed every second of it. When I heard my gut tell me to jump, many time…