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A Smile The Size Of Texas

If you know me at all, you know that I love children. Their innocence and ability to be in the present moment and happy for no reason at all,just warms me up every time. I connect with them on so many levels because deep down inside, I am still a child at heart. Sometimes when I look at a child I can almost hear them telling me to cheer up or to not be so serious, its truly amazing. So I guess it goes without saying that I do pay very close attention to them wherever I go no matter what. I watch them, draw from them, and completely appreciate them.

  So I was in the train this morning and a couple came on the train with a jumbo sized carriage with a young child in it. The child was a beautiful young girl that was about 3 maybe. She had a piece of bread in her hand, and as soon as she was turned around so as not to be in the aisle, she planted her eyes directly on me. Well, all I can say is that this girl had a smile the size of Texas!!! She opened her mouth and exposed 6 teeth like n…