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I Expect You To Do This / Don't Judge Me

This posting is one that deals with expectation and judgement. I am not a guru or the authority on these topics, so let me be crystal clear on that before you read any further. I have however, taken some hits and made some bad decisions based on these two words and the meaning that goes along with them. As we grow our perspective changes in a sizable fashion and we get to see things from an aerial view as opposed to from the window seat. I know that I don't know everything there is to know and that is what keeps me searching for the answers.

  When a mother is pregnant, she is said to be "expecting". This means that she knows a baby is coming and so does everyone else. When you order through the Internet, you expect that merchandise to come within about two weeks because you paid for it, correct? When you but a ticket to an exotic place or even just home for the holidays, there is no doubt that you definitely expect to arrive in the airport right around when they said …