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Pinch Hitter For Love And Care

A long time ago, I remember reading a phrase that said if you are going through some things that seem insurmountable inside of your soul, go out and help someone else. I love this group of words for many reasons. It is something that I practice all of the time, however, it seems even more powerful as I mature and learn more about human interaction and treatment. Imagine you cut your finger in the kitchen, a small cut and you reach for a napkin or a cloth to stop the bleeding. Then out of the blue you hear a scream from the adjacent room and its coming from your child. At that very moment, the cut is as small as a grain of sand at the beach. I thing you can feel what I am getting at here.

   Just about a month ago, a dear friend of mine got a call that her sister was rushed to the hospital because she had suffered an aneurysm and had fallen in her hallway. She was helped out by a neighbor and rushed to a nearby facility to be cared for immediately. My good friend and her mother wer…