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Getting Back On The Horse / Amir Recall

To say that I have not written in way too long would be a huge understatement. I have been caught up  in a wave of emotions on every level since my last writing. So many things have happened that I can hardly believe it myself. I have made a conscious effort to keep any negativity or low level writing here so as not to compromise the integrity of this blog. Then as I was going through some things I realized that the magic comes from the realness in our lives, and that the unfortunate things are many times what makes us most prepared in the future. Not only to handle things better, but to appreciate when things go well. I have been letting this all seep in as I prepared to write this posting.

   I have experienced a few deaths around me in the past year and I have been to the hospital to visit others more than any other single time in my life ever. So as I may have said a few months ago in another posting, what is the message here? Is it my time to be reminded that I am still not li…