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Sandy Brings Us Candy

I named this posting this because I truly believe that we were given a gift when this massive hurricane  hit the east coast. As many of you know, I live where the storm hit and it was like nothing that I have ever seen from a strength point of view. Trees were thrown around like plastic whiffle balls and water rose up to heights that were unimaginable. Sandy arrived right on schedule and she made sure that we all felt her just enough to get our attention. I had guests during this exact time, my father and his wife. They came to be in NYC for the last of the semi warm weeks before it gets brutally cold. Well I guess I should say, brutally cold for Floridians.

   All I can say is this, we truly don't ever know when the plan can change right under our noses. Its such an incredible thing to realize that on any given day at any given time, you can be forced into a completely different set of circumstances that you have to take seriously of else. We watched movies, played Scrabble, …