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On The Field Training On How To Be Human

I have not written in over ten days I believe. That is not actually true. I have written every day since my last posting, I just have not written here. It is incredible how much information I have gained through my own life and how I have dealt with it. I am in the midst of "The Artists Way". This is a 12 week journey that basically turns the mirror on you so that you can actually see, feel, and even navigate who you are a little better. During this time, you write morning pages everyday as soon as you wake up as well as take yourself on what's called an "artist date" every week. There are assignments every week and you do them along with the other things to get clarity as well as to shed the excess baggage that we are all carrying around in different forms.

  Well this journey does not come without snags. You run into yourself many times and sometimes others even run into you and that is perfect! This means that you are shaving away the unnecessary parts of…