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Do You Ever Wonder?

We all have questions about life and how or why it is the way that it is. So I thought that I would pose some questions and see how they land on all of you right now based on your current mental states. I ask these questions to myself from time to time and some of them actually keep me stimulated more that I could ever imagine. Do we really search for the answers to our questions or are we doing just fine with the way things are? Just a random thought..

   Here are some of my questions:

 What would happen if each person sent a dollar to one account. We could solve many problems that relate to homelessness, poverty, and education couldn't we?

     Why don't we teach children how to use their minds for good from the time that they are born by letting them listen to recordings on how to be an exceptional human being?

If our bodies were strong and able and invincible, would we then do all that we desired?

      Isn't it strange how we have so many ways to heal our bodies, mind…

Bathroom Is For Customers Only

We have all seen this sign so many times and I am sure that it makes us a bit frustrated when we read it. If you gotta go, you gotta go. I had a situation yesterday that made me think a little bit more. Now when you have to go to the bathroom in NYC, there are options everywhere. Its usually just a matter of where you are in the city. So I had to go so bad that I just walked into this cool restaurant and made a b line to the lavatory. This place was full of people, yet one of the servers followed me to the bathroom and said, "Can I help you?". I said, No, I am just fine". He then proceeded to tell me that the bathroom was for customers only. He also said that the street fair had brought many people into the place and that the bathrooms were filthy because of it. I explained that I was already inside of the restaurant and I asked nicely, and he did not grant me my wish.

   I proceeded to go inside a bookstore that was next door and it happened to be a bookstore, so I …