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Nine Eleven

Yes today too is a magic day. Today too is a day to smile and be thankful that you are here. Not in any particular place, but just here on earth and breathing. I often think of what it must have been like to be in the midst of that madness that day. I was almost under the towers that day as well. Just two days before I had finished my rehearsal period for a musical that I was in. I literally walked past the towers every day at the exact time that the towers fell. So it gave me pause for a few weeks afterwards, but I kept repeating to myself, that it just was not my time.

  I am mesmerized by the support that surrounds this day in so many ways. I heard on the radio that just this week alone, there will be over 4 million people visiting the ground zero area. I was never comfortable with that name actually. It seemed to bring about an energy of nothingness, when actually that area is overflowing with love and support. Now I tell people that they have to visit the new Freedom Tower. It …