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Your Word / Dangerous Words Spoken

I can go so many places with this posting, so I will just start from where I am in my mind right now. In the past few months I have been thinking so much about the importance of giving someone your word. I mean about anything at all. If you have borrowed something and need to give it back. Maybe you have not produced something that you said you would or even just being very late for an appointment, it all comes back to your word. I mean let's be real, we have all broken our word to another human being once or twice right? So how does that feel to you? Do you let it slide and say that its just life or do you work hard to correct it. We are all connected, so what we do does have some affect on others no matter what we do. So does that mean if you start to not care about your word that it affects others when they give you their word?

   How many of us know people that tell us how they are always late? They tell us ahead of time so that when they are late, their is no accountabili…