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I can bet that each one of us has something that has not been brought to closure with someone in our lives. That thing follows you around in the back outermost parts of your mind and the faintest connection to it brings you right back to it again. Some of us have the opportunity to go and seek the closure and some of us do not have closure with a person who is no longer here with us. Either way, we want to make good, or better yet, we wonder what making good would feel like with that individual whomever they may be.

   About 5 years ago, I had a difference of opinion with a very important person in my life. She entered my life in a very unique way. I was performing at an outdoor expo in Texas and her mother was there. I had no idea that she was watching me, however, she was. I was maybe 18 years young then. This woman made her way over to me and asked me some questions about myself and then proceeded to tell me about her daughter who was also a performer. I took this as a complime…

Man Of "Joe" Puts It Out There

This is Joe. I ran into him while walking down the street. He was so real and innocent in a strong way. I mean what could we do if we truly met the entire world with our truth instead of what we felt would make us "blend" or be "accepted" in life. I read this sign twice for clarity and then I had to turn around and go back to speak to him. Yes, I did pass him at first and just take it in personally before processing it fully.

   We had a very brief conversation and I asked him a few questions about his life. Why is he out here? What was his motivation? Had anyone taken him up on his offer? He was very honest and open with me and I was impressed with his forward nature. I also thought it was cool that he was dressed nice and spoke well to boot. He told me that he wanted to make his own money and not live off of his mother anymore. He wanted his own place and the ability to make his own decisions. I politely asked him if I could take his picture and made him aware…