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I expect to wake up tomorrow morning.
  I expect to see the sun up in the sky all day.
  I expect to be breathing for the entire day, all day tomorrow and the day after, and the day after.
  I expect to be able to hear people when we they speak to me.
  I expect to eat food at least 3 times tomorrow.
  I expect to get water when I turn the faucet on each and every time.

       What is the down side of all of these statements? The down side is that we all seem to get into trouble when we attach the word "expectation" to those that we love, care for, or are deeply connected to. A few days ago, I had a conversation with a woman who has a child who is now an adult. He is married and he has a total of of 4 children that he inherited from marrying his wife.  His relationship with his wife is incredible, he adores her. The unfortunate thing is that his relationship with his mother is not so good these days. His wife sees things in a way that is very irritating to his mother. She…

The Open Channel

I am just humbled and very grateful that I am able to be there for certain people in my life at this point. I think of some of the most beautiful places that I have been to on this earth thus far and I cannot forget the times when things around me just flowed. I say this to make a specific point about being open to receive things from other human beings if and when they need you to be there for them. This obviously encompasses so many situations in this life, so I will be very specific and describe what it is I speak of today.

    I have said in some past postings that I have been speaking with many people this year about the people in their lives unexpectedly passing away. I have been processing this from a perspective of what I will do when this happens with me, not if , but when. So as I look at my life thus far and the amazing rock of a foundation that I have always had, I have come to the conclusion that when one of those rocks moves on to the other side, it will be business …